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Frost -30: When winter comes to Ukraine

The weather in Ukraine in November and December will correspond to the temperature of the "swing" with average daily markings from 0 to +2 +3 degrees. And the real winter in Ukraine snow and frost will come after the New Year, in mid-January.

This was said by the popular predictor Leonid Gorban.

"By the end of November there will be a swing, at -1-3 degrees in the night, from 23 to 25 November the night may be -5-9 degrees. In December there will also be a swing – 0-1 degrees at night, during the day +2 +3 degrees and so on until January 13. Good snow will be from January 11 to January 14. The light snow is expected from 29 to 30 December and 2 January, "said the forecast.

He noted that the real winter in Ukraine begins on January 15th.

"The fall will be January 23rd and 26th, at night -20-22 degrees, may reach -25, but from February 3 to February 12, -20 to 25, and at night can reach -30 degrees. February 2, 4 and 9, "Gorban said.

"So, winter begins on January 14, and by January 14, it will be -2-3 in the dark at night, around 0 per day. Four will depart in December," the forecast adds.


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