Monday , May 17 2021

Hamilton has made it clear that he is interested in Formula E

Lewis Hamilton does not rule out the Formula 1 career after Formula One, because he believes the future of motor racing – for electric cars.

The ferocious world champion has a contract with Mercedes, which stands out after the season of 2020, but has made it clear that he is already thinking about where to play in the future.

This was Hamilton's announcement on Friday in Silverstone, where Mercedes-Benz celebrated its 125th anniversary of car racing: he suggested that he could follow an example of his fellow countryman and compatriot Gary Puffett and go to the world championship in electric racing, the season will be the factory my Mercedes.

"I've already started to talk about it," Lewis said. – Until recently, the main thing was always Formula 1. But here, in Silverston, I was riding an old DTM car, and I liked it. I rarely manage to drive anything just from fun, so it was an incredible experience.

It was such a great stop for my car's steering wheel, which I spoke in 2015, as well as the pilot of the historic Mercedes W196. It was a unique experience. If we take into account that I've been in 8-year races, then you have to be ready for serious manifestations of symptoms associated with future retirement – all drivers are tested when they stop competing and so will be with me when Formula One for me will end.

But there are other things in life, and I believe there are other series in which I can play. Fernando Alonso goes to IndyCar, although Kimi Raikkonen is still in F1.

I grew up at the same time as Gary Puffett. He is a little older than me and now appears in Formula E, and beyond is the future.

So who knows, there may be space in the future where I could apply my professional skills, even though it's harder to find motivation and keep quiet for years, so I'll have to find another job I'd like.

I do not doubt that I will always love cars, and while trying to stay in Formula 1. As long as I have enough physical ability and ability to concentrate, I will strive to continue to strive for the highest results I can only achieve. "

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