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How is a job at the Zelenskog headquarters?

The showman Vladimir Zelensky, who suddenly became the leader of the presidential race, is de facto the head of his seat. This was reported by the "State" by sources in "Quarter 95", referring to how his electoral campaign was built.

According to him, Zelensky relies on four key people in the headquarters – a member of "Quarter 95" and a co-author of their shows and films Yuriy Kostyuk (production of content and agenda), the famous TV show production and video production by Kirill Timošenko, President of the Party of Peoples and longtime associate of Zeleny, Ivan Bakanov (organizational issues), and lawyer Igor Kolomojski Andrej Bogdan (on legal and general issues).

According to sources, in February, Vladimir Zelensky will begin a big pre-election tour in Ukraine.

Also, one of the key elements of the campaign at Zelenskog headquarters is the demonstration of the new season of the 1 + 1 series of Sluga people, which should start in March. According to "Country" the film is not finished yet, but the production is in the final stage. It was only a few days of recording.

In the area of ​​political technology, the actors will focus on mobilizing the electorate. The main risk for Zelensky in the headquarters of the candidate is the fact that many of his supporters (who now answer sociological issues, increasing the artist's rating) simply will not come to polling stations. This is particularly true of young people and depoliticized public, where Zelensky's sympathizers are particularly numerous.

Therefore, his headquarters will make great efforts to encourage them to come to the polls.

More information on the reasons for the growth of Green can be found here.

Remember that according to the "Rating" sociology group, 19% of those who have already made their choice are ready to give the showman a voice. Another study also gives Zelensky the first place. According to him, the showman gets 23% of those who made his choice.

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