Wednesday , June 23 2021

How to Improve the Internet Security of Your Business

Ukrainian telecom operators offer many useful services to small and medium-sized companies, such as described in detail in the article "Telecom for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Telecoms Operators Offer to Entrepreneurs". In this paper we have decided to work out how telecom operators can improve the protection of their information systems. After all, the amount and quality of cyber attacks has been growing steadily over the last few years while at the same time maintaining cyber security experts is often expensive for small and medium businesses.

Cloud solutions

Cloud technologies enable small businesses to store their data without buying expensive IT equipment and at the same time be confident in their security. In addition to data centers, including those, Ukrainian telecom operators have such services.

For example, Volia offers cloud storage services to Volia Cloud. According to the company, the client is basically receiving a virtual data center – in which they can create virtual machines, network, distribute resources and use them based on their needs – create a virtual office, store mail, accounting and CRM applications, and corporate services. With this service, the company can make its data available to employees who use any device and at the same time protect them from unauthorized third party access and from the risk of physical destruction. The fee for the cloud storage service starts at 610 UAH / month.

Backing up data

For any business, data and their preservation are the foundation of business stability. Thus, the life cycle provides a platform for data backup and storage of clouds. With this service, you can copy data from physical and virtual servers, computers, and smartphones. In addition, data can be encrypted and equipped with active protection for protection from purchase programs such as Petya and WannaCry. An additional security assurance is added by the fact that the servers are located in the data center in Germany. The cost of such services for small and medium enterprises will be 5.68 UAH / 1 GB.

Ukrtelecom has a similar service. This service helps to protect data in the event of equipment malfunction, falling web sites, unwanted user actions, or intentional fraud. Operator can retrieve customer data from previous backups, whose frequency the client can customize according to their needs.

Protection against attacks

Increasingly, cyber security specialists register the rise of Ddos attacks on businesses, including medium and small businesses. Attackers often attack business servers with a view to further cashing to stop the attack. During the attack, a business website may not be available for some time, which can lead to customer delays and as a result of revenue loss. Most often, according to experts, victims of such attacks are representatives of the financial sector, online trading and software vendors. Telecom operators offer a complete integrated solution to protect against such attacks. Specifically, Ukrtelecom has a service with the same name, with which you can protect the information system from attacks up to 350 Gb / s. How does this service work? The traffic that the attackers send to the Internet provider's client, as well as the legitimate Internet users' traffic, arrive at Ukrtelecom's router, which analyzes traffic and redirects it accordingly. So, the one that requires cleaning is directed to the AntiDDoS system and only gets cleansed to the client after the cleaning. Legitimate traffic is sent directly to the client. The cost of the service depends on the way the client can choose individually depending on the needs.

Similar service, DataProtect, is also offered by Datagroup. The business solution allows you to filter across multiple levels using traffic-based analysis technology. The cost of the operator depends on the individual characteristics of the project.

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