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"If you work 120 hours a week, fly off the coil": Ilon Musk gave an interview on the universe, Tesla and your life

November 5, 2018


On November 2, portal Recode released a major interview with Ilon Mask. Kara Swisher's Contributor publishes a discussion with the businessman on the results of 2018, future Tesla products, his new agenda and other topics. Editor's Office AIN.UA selected the main quotes from the conversation.

About Twitter

According to the entrepreneur, he is a rare user of social networking.

I use Twitter much less than many think. About 10-15 minutes or something.

Musk also enjoys being one of his most popular tweet's love affair for anime.

Some people use their hair to express themselves. I use Twitter.

About the problems with journalists

The mask is dissatisfied with the quality of journalism in the United States, but does not consider the press to be "the enemy of the people".

The number of fake publications just overturned. Look at the Wall Street Journal that "the FBI on our heels". This is a real lie. This is absurd. Print this on the serious page title page is unbelievable. In general, why do these people call journalists? He's awesome. People of nightmares.

But the billionaire is ready to change the attitude towards the press.

The decision to print is to be honest and true, to study the topic of your articles and correct the mistakes. This is not what the journalists are doing.

Musk is not considered vulnerable to press attacks.

How many negative materials have been published and how many of them can respond? Maybe one percent. But the key denial of a journalist is: "Oh, my article is fine. He's just sensitive." No, your article is a lie, and you do not want to admit it.

About Difficulties in 2018 and Tesla Management

The mask twice stressed that it is difficult to work on a competitive automotive market. Tesla has to compete with renowned brands: Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus. But the company faces, from US car makers, only Ford and Tesla have not yet passed bankruptcy proceedings.

Ford and Tesla are barely over the last recession. There are good chances that the next drop in the Ford market will not survive. So, as a startup and as a car company, it's much harder to achieve success until you get the status of a well-known intern. It's absurd that Tesla is still working. Absurdly!

According to Mask, he has to do all he has to do – because Tesla is important for the future.

Tesla can not die. Tesla is incredibly important for the future of ecology and energy production. The fundamental goal, the fundamental contribution made by Tesla, is the accelerated development of these areas.

The entrepreneur is worst in his career in 2018. According to him, it seemed to be "older than 5 years". The reason is the fast-paced production of model 3. Now, the company "without problems" can produce 5,000 specimens of the 3-week model.

But now Musk has moved away from the most demanding schedule.

I came back to a difficult, but not crazy schedule of work. Such weeks happened before … even I do not know. I was not a computer, but I slept just a few hours and then worked, slept and worked, seven days a week. Some of these periods probably have reached 120 hours or something more madness. You start flying a bit of a coil if you work 120 hours a week. Now the indicator has dropped to 80 or 90. Sufficient tolerance.

About the competition in the market of autonomous driving technology

Musk is confident that Tesla is the leading company in terms of moving towards car-driving. The company relies on the use of the camera and neural networks for object recognition. Tesla does not believe in specialized solutions, such as the installation of roadside sensors, as Mercedes suggests.

The car should drive better than the man on the wheel, using the same introduction as the driver. The eyes are just cameras.

A scandal about Tesla's private property

Musk is confident that the company will complete all future quarters with profits – and she will no longer have to attract funding. Removing stocks would simply ease management. Billionaire thinks "no more than 1% of their time" about Shore Sellers (merchants who put Tesla's securities on the market).

Since it is a private company, and especially when it's all a shareholder, it means triggering a huge number of confusing factors because of the shift in stock value. Something like a thermometer came out. When stocks fall, people feel sad and think they are subscribed. When stocks increase in price, they are wildly excited and distracted by thinking about what they will buy for themselves.

About new products

The mask has a project of electric aircraft with vertical take off and landing. The design has been considered for more than 9 years, but for now the aircraft will be too difficult to produce. From the automobile line to the billionaires most attracted to the electric pickup project. He promised the machine would get a cyberpunk design, in the style of transport to the Blade Runner.

You know, I do not know how many people will want to buy such a raise. But that does not bother me.

Musk banned the speculation that Tesla would release the electric motorcycle. As a former competitor, he is concerned about the high mortality rate when using this vehicle.

About space

The idea of ​​launching Tesla Roadster in the orbit came in response to the standard rocket testing process. They are usually filled with something like a concrete block. It is boring – and the team decided to choose the "least boring burden".

Musk also admitted he loved the idea of ​​Donald Trump creating a "space army". According to him, in the past, the idea of ​​creating air force looked equally crazy.

For example, we can have a base on the Moon. And the base on Mars. It would be good to develop this idea based on cosmic power.

The mission on Mars is still planned for 2024. But its composition is unknown – it can be a remote controlled flight, with no people on the rocket. Also, the Mask has no claim to the existence of NASA. Moreover, he is convinced that agency funding needs to increase.

About underground transport technologies

The mask intends to build a large tunnel network near Los Angeles. They will be more level and cheaper than the metro, the cost of laying in the US is billions of dollars per mile. Cost estimate – $ 10 million per mile when transporting one-way transport capsules.

You need to go to 3D. We have 3D offices and they are clogged, but the transportation system still exists in 2D.

About Apple

There are not so many products whose purchase makes us happier. Apple does this for a long time. And, in general, I believe Apple makes great smartphones. I still use the iPhone and all that. But Apple was really pointing to devices that reject people's heads, you know?

I do not think people will have to run at the iPhone 11 store. But I think in Tesla we really want to produce products that people really like from the heart.

About your own mistakes

The mask admitted that he did not mind changing a number of decisions.

Frankly, I probably would not write unreasonable stuff on Twitter. And probably would not go into network disputes. Probably not worth attacking journalists.

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