Thursday , May 6 2021

In Kiev comes a strong snow storm and a strong wind: how to survive bad weather without injury

On Monday, January 14, a significant deterioration in weather conditions in the capital is expected in the afternoon. Strong winds of 15 to 20 meters per second are expected and weaker.

Bad weather will last all night by Tuesday Tuesday, January 15th. He reported the Informer about the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

Faced with worsening weather conditions, pedestrians and drivers are warned to be as careful as possible, car owners should, if possible, give priority to public transport rather than park vehicles along the street and road so as not to interfere with the snow plow operation .

If, however, it is impossible to avoid a journey, to prevent injuries and to avoid emergencies, we recommend that you follow the following advice in the event of bad weather conditions and during ice conditions:

Drivers tips:

  • to observe speed and distance, to leave risky maneuvering, which in adverse weather conditions can lead to emergency situations;
  • when approaching pedestrian crossings and locations of children's facilities, reduce the speed to a minimum;
  • Do not forget to include side lights or fog lights;
  • Do not use summer tires with heavy snow and frozen weather conditions.

Tips for pedestrians:

  • walk slowly, lightly relax your legs and bend slightly on your knees, step on the entire floor;
  • Do not hold your hands in your pockets – it increases the possibility not only of falling but also of serious injuries, especially fractures and earthquakes. Swing your hands in the rhythm of the walk – it is best to keep the balance;
  • in case of imbalance while walking on the ice, try to sit fast – this is the most realistic opportunity to keep on your feet
  • If the fall can not be avoided – strain your muscles, group and touch the ground by trying to turn, – a blow to you will reduce your strength;
  • be careful on the sidewalk – the car can be brought or the driver may not slow down in time;
  • When you cross the road in front of the car, keep in mind that the stopping time on the slippery road increases 4-5 times;
  • bypassing the metal shingle roofs – they are usually covered with ice.

Earlier we also analyzed the weather forecasts and told us what the weather would be in Kiev this week. After the fierce and cold beginning of the year, residents of the capital will again be able to feel the temperature above zero.

Alexandra Apreutes

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