Wednesday , January 27 2021

Introduced a McLaren Speedtail Speed ​​Test

McLaren's McLaren press center announces the start of road tests of the new hybrid hypercarium McLaren Speedtail, which will precede the start of mass production of new products. Also, the brand introduced the first prototype test called Albert.

According to the additional test program, the McLaren Speedtail hypermarket will be tested on public roads and on special platforms. Engine reliability checks will be conducted in Europe, the United States and Africa.

The McLaren Speedtail motor section occupies a hybrid unit that consists of an 8-cylinder 4-liter turbo engine and two electric motors. The total installation capacity will be 1050 "horses". The first "one hundred" hybrid hypercar has picked up 2.7 seconds at a maximum speed of 403 km / h. The total circulation of the McLaren Speedtail will be 106 units, which are already sold out.

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