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Irina Lutsenko will sue Gritsenka for the words of her son

Representative of Ukraine's president to the Verkhovna Rada, Irina Lutsenko, will sue the presidency of Ukraine, the leader of the Civic Party's position, former Defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenka for his words about his son Alexander.

"From the presidential candidate Gritsenko I learned that we hid our son from the front. Our Sasha, unlike the brave former defense minister, volunteered for the front in 2014. He served as a simple soldier in the 55th Brigade," Irina Lutsenko wrote on social networking page.

According to her, the family bought the necessary clothes and food for her son and colleagues at her own expense.

"In the name of all our homeland defenders, I will file a lawsuit against Gritsen, and I will give all the money for the military," she said, and published a series of photographs of her son of war.


Note that Anatoly Gritsenko in an interview with Dmitry Gordon, on Jan. 29, on a YouTube journalist's channel, said he did not hide his son Alexei Gritsenka from the ATO zone in 2014, as Porošenko or Lutsenko or Pašinski did. or Turchinov. "Ukraine's chief prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko responded to Anatoly Gritsenka's words, saying he was giving a day of apology. On Wednesday afternoon, Anatoliy Gritsenko apologized to the chief prosecutor's son, but he did not intend to apologize to Yuri Lutsenko himself.

As the Party reported, Irina Lutsenko came to Porošenk's self-promotion with a $ 3295 bag.

At the same forum, Chief Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko spoke. He said gas was twice cheaper – that's the road to Siberia.

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