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Lesya Nikityuk on "Dancing with the Stars": "You will not turn me on!"

Lesya Nikityuk at Dance with the Stars: You will not reject me!

Lesya Nikityuk, despite discussions, should she stay on the show or repeat while on the floor because of the audience's decision. Photo: Instagram 1 + 1

The show had four pairs.

In the Twelfth Night of Dance with Stars, which took place on November 11 at "1 + 1", they participated in 5 stars: each dancing in two dance.

Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva first danced with singer, followed by Sergei Babkin's song Take It. Michelle Andrade, with Zhenya Kot, met us with hip-hop and tango accompanied by ALEKSEEV with the song "The Oceans Become". Pavel Vishnyakov and Yuliya Sakhnevich showed Broadway jazz, and under the ONUKA performance "The City", a couple danced in a jumble. Irakli Makatsariya, along with Yanom Zayats, has shown java and modern song Tine Karol "Not Dosh". Lesya Nikityuk with her partner Maxim Ezhov danced in swing, then contemporaries with the song "Do not Look at" Gaitan.

Jury rating:

Michelle Andrade and Zhenya Kot – 30

Irakli Makatsaria and Yana Zayats – 29

Pavel Vishnyakov and Julia Sakhnevich – 29

Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva – 28

Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov – 24

Jury Rating (per Starred Room):

Irakli Makatsaria and Yana Zayats (Tina Karol) – 30

Pavel Vishnyakov and Yuliya Sakhnevich (ONUKA) – 29

Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva (S. Babkin) – 28

Michelle Andrade and Zhenya Kot (ALEKSEEV) – 24

Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Yezhov (Gaitan) – 24

Lesia Nikityuk was never in a dangerous zone before the release, despite the fact that, according to estimates, the jury from air to air at the end of the line. In this show, when Vlad Yama and Ekaterina Kukhar noticed again that her dances were losing compared to other participants, Lesya, standing on the balcony, said, "You will not deceive me!"

In the results view, three pairs were compromised: Michelle Andrade and Zhenya Kot, Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Yezhov, Pavel Vishnyakov and Juliet Sakhnevich.

Two of them – Michelle Andrade and Zhenya Kotu, Pavel Vishnyakov and Juliet Sakhnevich (Lesya Nikityuk again rescued the audience with her voice) – had a chance to dance a "dance for life."

The decision was made by Judges Ekaterina Kukhar, MONATIK and Vlad Yama. Pavel Vishnyakov and Julia Sahnevich left the project, while Michelle Andrade and Zhenya Kotu had to leave that question.

By the end of the day, one air was aired – November 18 (4 stars will be attended by Lesya Nikityuk, Irakli Makatsaria, Igor Lastochkin and Pavel Vishnyakov). It will end on November 25th.

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