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Loboda transformed into another person due to plastic surgery (PHOTO)

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, according to fans, became similar to Michael Jackson after plastic surgery.

Clutch writes about this.

Svetlana Loboda has not visited the territory of Ukraine for several years. He lives in the United States and works primarily in the Russian market. The artist also travels a lot with her performances in Europe, but recently information emerged on the Internet that this is most likely to end due to the scandalous behavior of the "superstar".

Svetlana Loboda often shares on her Instagram page details of her life, footage from travel, events and other events. He also occasionally shows his children. But sometimes Loboda has to leave her daughters to the nanny and go to the other end of the world to worship the fans with her songs.

So, a Ukrainian celebrity performed at the City Weekend festival in Veliky Novgorod. Fans didn't like her performance much, and Svetlana Loboda looked completely different in photos from Socialite. On suspicion, the star made a failed rhinoplasty, which changed her appearance.

It is noticeable that the screens on stage were turned off, so that only those standing near the stage were able to see the Loboda at least a little.

Svetlana Loboda was probably doing rhinoplasty.

Meanwhile, Loboda had earlier shown tender photos with her daughter Eva.

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