Sunday , June 20 2021

March 8 in Ukraine will stop being a day of cakes and bouquets, – Vyatrovich

He said this during a conversation on the Glavred's website.

"I think Ukrainian society is willing to abandon the tradition of its celebration, especially since more and more Ukrainians realize that we can not live at the same pace with the aggressor state. This synchronism in celebration of some dates with a state that is trying to destroy our state, that's what and especially among young generations there is no nostalgia for such holidays on March 8th, "Vyatrovich notes.

"I'm not saying that March 8 would disappear from the calendar, but I think his idea and concept will change – we will not talk about International Women's Day, but about a day of women's rights struggle that is important for the Ukrainian society," says Vyatrovich. , stressing that in a new format, the day that will turn this holiday into a "day of cakes and bouquets", absolutely unnecessary.

recall focus stated that the tie on a women's day was only held on March 8, only in 1921. Participants of the 2nd Communist Women's Conference decided to mark March 8th International Women's Day in memory of the participation of women workers in the thousands of demonstrations in Petrograd on February 23 (new style on March 8) 1917 – that day began a revolution, which is why autocracy fell the Russian Empire ceased to exist.

In different periods of Soviet history, women's holiday activities have changed. For example, the propaganda posters of the twenties read: "March 8 – Emancipation of Women", "March 8 – The Day of Workers Against Cooking Servility".

March 8, as before, was considered exclusively women. Workers went to the demonstration or held a meeting, discussing their problems. The presence of men was not intended. And the attempt to "congratulate on vacation" would seem at least ridiculous: women are protecting their rights, what's the matter?

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