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Microsoft has demonstrated the new Office application design

This is The Verge.

New icons will become part of the overall Office 365 design update. The update will affect several platforms at once: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Specifically, these icons are designed to reflect how the Office has changed, with new AI features.

"Our solution was the separation of letters and icon symbols, creating basically two layers (one for letter and one for a symbol) that we can further combine or separate," said John Friedman, editor-in-chief.

Now, application icons will consist of two layers: separate letters and distinctly recognizable applets.

In the publication, however, these new icons appear to be immediately recognizable, which is important to millions of users who daily manage these apps.

In addition, in a new office suite, Microsoft will also streamline the tape interface and add support for Fluent Design. The update will start to apply in the coming months, mobile apps and Office 365 will first receive it.







office7 "style =" display: block; margin-left: car; margin-right: car;

Photo: The Verge

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