Tuesday , July 27 2021

New Volkswagen Tarok, photo pickup, specifications, start of planned sale

Volkswagen's representatives have shown a new pickup, which is classified as compact. The data area appears under the name Tarok. To get to know each new vehicle, a location in São Paulo was selected. As part of a commercial car, a car that is still a concept car is introduced.

What features hide the new Volkswagen truck can be seen in the photo

Company representatives say the car designed for the most demanding drivers will soon be put into mass production. Car programmers have done their best. First of all, it should be noted that traffic will be created based on the MQB platform. It should be noted that the same design was installed on the Volkswagen Tiguan (refer to the crossover).

The concept car prototype ensures the use of a highly productive engine, belonging to the "turbo" category. Classification -TSI. Programmers say the power of the power plant will be 150 horsepower. Engine capacity – 1.4 liters. Programmers pay attention to the fact that the possibility of using biofuels is also possible. The gearbox ready for installation is six speeds. The vehicle vehicle is completed, allowing the vehicle to maneuver.

Relatively standard features are worth mentioning the design design that will attract many people who want to relax and move around the world in comfort. The rear wall of the cabin is folded – it can be removed without any problems. If such a need arises, it can be hidden in the second row of seats. Thanks to this incredible feature, the vehicle enables the transport of rather long non-standard items.

When will the sale begin?

Potential buyers who are interested in this vehicle and plan to buy it should be aware that for the first time its sales will begin in Brazil. This event will take place at the end of 2019.

Volkswagen's representative also said that a rather unusual model, to be launched in mass production, would be equipped with a petrol engine as well as a diesel drive unit with a volume of 2 liters and 150 hp (in the future). Perhaps the customizable version of this equipment will be present in other world markets.

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