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Poroshenko again provoked the rage of Russian authorities for pro-European politics

Posted 07/07/2019

In Russia, re-offended Poroshenko for his pro-European policy

Petro Porošenko. Photo: liga.net

Ukraine's presidential candidate and current head of state, Petro Porošenko, have been making a strong reaction to the official Moscow in his statement on the country's threat to "return to Russia."

As you know, in the evening he appealed to Ukrainian voters to apply for a choice between Russia and Europe. "We can move very fast to free Europe, but even faster to go back to empress Russia, there is such a threat: either, or, the election is April 21. Europe or Russia." Join us, "Porošenko emphasized.

The Federation Council and the State Duma angrily turned to the call of the leaders of Ukraine, adding different marks and accusations.

"The biggest problem with Porošenka is that he is a Ukrainian nationalist, and at the same time this attitude has been raised to growing hatred of Moscow." He accused Russia of many of his problems, primarily in the country's rule, "said Sergey Tsekov, the activities of the Council of the Federation. in comment RT.

The Senator was frightened that Porošenko wants to separate Kiev from Moscow with all his power. "But this is impossible! We have been together for centuries. It is necessary to realistically assess the situation in the country and move away from anti-corruption rhetoric," Tsekov said.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma State Committee on CIS Affairs, Viktor Vodolatsky, in turn, thrown tantrum for "destroying Ukraine."

"Every candidate who went to the second round together with Porošenko would join the current president and his curators with Russia that he is even a fiery anti-Russian politician. Poroshenko wants to show everyone that he is ready to further destroy Ukraine and bring the remaining parts to the European Union – where his country is not expected. Before April 21, all this hysteria and demonstrative performances in the media will only get a momentum, "- the deputy emphasized.

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