Monday , March 1 2021

Pugacheva does not sung at the Agutina Concert due to illness

Pugacheva does not sung at the Agutina Concert due to illness


The first woman caught the cold and fought against the virus at home.

Alla Pugacheva was supposed to perform at the concert of Leonid Agutina in Moscow on November 10, dedicated to his 50th anniversary. But a few hours ago, the first woman reported that she would lose the show due to illness.

– I was dreaming about the concert at Leonid Agutin and the song is so cool, but I can not. Sick. Lenya, I love you and your music. I'm sorry for what happened, "wrote Alla Borisovna in Instagram.

Agutin under the post of Pugacheva wanted her health. "We will fight and we will have to take care of you, we will embody the song," wrote the singer. It is likely, for the artist's anniversary, to prepare some new composition.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" found out that Pugacheva was now treated with waste, and the doctors overwhelmed the rest of the bed.

– Cold. I suppose cold autumn is blowing somewhere. Doctors are advised to take care of themselves, stay while on the bed, – said the friends receiving the woman.

In March, Prima Donna complained about her health. The singer said she was old, hard to breathe and walk.

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