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Rebrov vs. Lucescu – role of coach of the famous club

May 16, 19:09

Between former mentors Dinamo and Shakhtar, he selects coach of Turkish Grand Beskric Besiktas

Mircea Lucescu and Sergey Rebrov

Mircea Lucescu and Sergey Rebrov. Photo: Anatoly Boyko, today | Sport

Unexpected turnaround in appointing a new Turkish coach "Besiktas". Earlier it was announced that the issue of approving former mentor Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu was decided on this job. However, today it is announced that former coach of Dinamo, Sergey Rebrov, who this year led to Ferencváros in Hungary, could lead the Istanbul team.

The 15-strong Turkish champion Bešiktaš seeks the successor of Shenola Güneşa, who will leave in the summer. According to, Sergey Rebro's candidacy, which once talked to Fenerbahce, and assistant to Shenol Güneş, Spain's Guti, are being considered.

Two wagons before the end of the season, "Besiktas", whose colors are protected by former Dynamo Vida, takes third place in the Turkish Championship. At the same time, the team has almost missed the chance for second place, which is a passage for the Champions League qualification. While the current club Rebrov "Ferencváros", winning the Hungarian Championship, will play in the qualifications of the European Cup.

As we reported earlier, this was expected Mircea Lucescu will be presented as the new Besiktas coach next week. The parties met at PAOK's celebrations, trained by Lucesku Jr., held talks and reportedly reached an agreement.

He also reported that Rebrov's main problem was called Dinamo. "There are ambitions, no players," said former resident mentor Kiev, adding: "Khatskevich is doing a good job, but club needs results today, but yesterday."

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