Rodriguez was also shocked, as it turned out to be his –

Goalkeeper Shakhtara commented on the match against Dinamo (1-0), as well as the racism of Kiev supporters.

Rodriguez was also shocked, as it turned out to be his -

Gerson Rodriguez, Dynamo
November 11, 2019, 1:13 pm

In the 14th Premier League match, Dinamo fans chased players Shakhtar Tyson and Dentin to tears with monkey cries. Because of these manifestations, the referee was even forced to interrupt the match.

"Everything is a little shocked by what happened in the stands today. It's the first time I see it. I never thought people could behave that ugly. It doesn't paint anyone," Andrey Pyatov said after the match The official website of Shakhtar.

"The incident was discussed in the podium with the Dinamo players. They also have representatives of other nationalities in the national team. I saw that Rodriguez was also shocked because it turned out to be related to him. The referee said he would interrupt the game If this is repeated "".

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The Pitmen's victory in the match was brought by Serge Krivtsov's accurate shot.

"As for the match and Krivtsov's winning goal, we missed a similar ball at Popov, and now, you see, everything is back. She was good served, and we have guys who play such balls well. This time Krivtsov scored, which means that well done, ”Pyatov added.

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