Tuesday , June 15 2021

Samsung Introduces One UI – The Next And Fundamental New Version Of The Shell For Your Smartphones

Samsung Introduces One UI - The Next And Fundamental New Version Of The Shell For Your Smartphones

Of course, the brightest part of yesterday's Samsung event was the demonstration of the prototype of the upcoming Infinity Flex Display flexible smartphone company, but there were other interesting announcements. One of them is the Samsung One UI. This is a new version of the slate of the South Korean smartphone maker Android operating system. This will replace the Samsung Experience shell, which once replaced TouchWiz.

Shema One UI not only got a new graphical interface with a more rounded shape icon but was also completely redesigned in a functional way. In one user interface comes the expression of minimalist aesthetics. According to the company, the updated design is created around the concept that the user should only get important information and not interfere with each … little thing.

One of the key features of the One UI shell feature is the Focus Blocks feature, which is responsible for combining different structural component components into blocks. For example, it will allow you to collect all the settings in one place so that the user can easily and easily find that or that option.

In addition, a user interface for one user interface is optimized for smartphone devices without frames with large and prolonged screens. In other words, changes are designed to improve the usability of working with such a screen, especially when it comes to one-handed operation. As an example, the company has demonstrated the work of messaging application with a split interface in two areas – viewing (upper third of the screen) and interaction (the other two). This means that after clicking the message at the bottom of your content will appear at the top.

The more visual idea about the new design goes up. In general, it looks more modern and fresh, though some of the elements are clearly leased from the latest versions of Android and iOS.

Among other things, you can notice the movement of a button like "Share" in the lower part of the screen to make it easier to reach them with your thumb. Sorry, there are still no complete changes since the interface work has not yet been completed. But Samsung guarantees that the shell is thoroughly refurbished so that users can "reach what they want" and have "features and content at their fingertips."

Yes, of course, the new shell has a trendy nightmare that depicts the dark gray background to reduce users' strain in the dark or in a dimly lit room.

Shell One UI will be released next year and there is no doubt that the upcoming pioneering smartphone Galaxy S10 will receive first.

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