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Search for governor of Kiev-Pešer Lavra: it became known that Pasha-Mercedes threatened – Ukraine's crime news – video

Vikar Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, mayor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, Pavel (Swan) expects the criminal proceedings against him to end with "a slight fear". However, police officers can find a corps of serious crimes in their actions until the promulgation of the betrayal.

This was announced in the air ObozTV journalist and blogger Cyril Sazon, commenting on the search for the governor of Kiev-Pechersk Lavre.

"As for today's search, Petra Lebeda, also known as Pasha-Mercedes or Vlady Pavel … Probably the whole country feels like you're a 14-year-old boy who grew up in a Catholic family and suddenly they had a porn magazine It has never happened, people are so inviolable that all the deputies are comparing them with a written effort not to leave, to ask for such a person, to doubt something "close to the emperor" they were all shocked first, "the blogger said.

At the same time, Sazonov noted that Vlady Pavel's article "is not serious enough" – art. 161 Criminal Code, Part 2 – Violation of Citizenship Equality depending on racial, ethnic or religious beliefs.

"On one hand, this can only be the reason for the start, and then there is enough statement for state issuance and more serious articles. I want to believe that if the SBU and the prosecution are courageous to seek such a person, then he has almost private property, he is a landlord , but not in the sense of having a big house, but there are farms, gardens, etc. In Ukraine there were two such people – Yanukovych and he, "- said the reporter.

On the other hand, believes Sazon, the chief priest of Kiev-Pechersk Lavre has a good chance of giving up on responsibilities.

"He hopes very much that this case will be enough for an article that could think of it, stop playing on the front, set up priests against Ukraine, to moderate his passion. Of course, Moscow's support is good, but it can be stated that no one it will not set you up, no one needs these clashes, hysteria in the media, but keep in mind that if you ask, that's what it is, "explained the blogger.

As OBOZREVATEL reported on November 30, SBU officers searched the residence of the Abbey of the monastery Kiev-Pechersk Vlady Pavel. Later, Lavra's press service clarified that investigative proceedings were not in his house, but in the village of Voronkov, where the farm is located.

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