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Sergey Babkin celebrates 40th anniversary: ​​Photo from family album

Special material for the 40th anniversary of Sergei Babkin.

He is a musician, actor, the most dearest and most talented artist in contemporary Ukrainian music today. His songs are singing the whole country. Over the past year, Sergey Babkin has won many awards, held more than 150 concerts and domestic concerts. He has changed his roles and experiments in all aspects of creativity, plays in the great cinema and the theater, and the family remains the most valuable thing in life.

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The artist will also spend this day on the stage. Viva! congratulations to Sergey for his birthday and dedicates him the present festive material. In it, Babkin shares archival photographs from his family album and talks about the periods of his life from 0 to 40!

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When I was 6 or 7 years old, on our television screen at home I saw Tacua performing the song Puttin On The Ritz. It was black and white. I remember how, now, as if it were an act, I looked at this artist. Obviously, then there was a miraculous moment. There was an effect that inspired motivation and desire to become an artist. I think in that moment, in my heart, I realized that my path belongs to something creative.

The biggest event of that period, I think, was the day my mother led me to the number 1 vocal school. Beethoven. They called me different musical instruments and asked what I wanted to learn to play. I replied, "I want!" Everyone, but we stopped at the flute (laughs). Maybe because it is very compact and lightweight, in terms of weight, tool.

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Of course, things could not be like they are now. I thought about going to a military school orchestra (as my dad wanted), or going to the music school, and then – most likely, to the conservator. But Mom knew I wanted the other. And in a way, after learning that there is a lyceum in Kharkov, she went to the principal and told me about my abilities and what I was dreaming of. They took me to grade 10-B with deep trainings in theatrical art. In this class, Andrew Zaporozhets studied. There we met! And that happened when I played a guitar on the stairs near the dining room, which I always prayed for in the guitar class break. Thus 5nts were born. And I already knew exactly where to go after graduation.

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Meeting with Snezana. A new era of my life, which has led to global changes to the better. An encounter that literally saved my life. If I did not meet her, that I had moved further, as I had been on the road, I probably would not have been there. And this is not exaggeration, it's a real real life. The level was already so high that I was lying on the rails on the street … There were a lot of things I did not even want to remember.

The snow is an angel who came and stopped me. It made me understand, it's clear that there is something nice to move around. She said, "Do you have me, look, I can be with you, and all of you will be quite different, not like you had before me, but you have to forgive the last unpleasant life, forget about it forever It was not easy, but I decided, and I'm very happy to meet her, after which my life changed dramatically.

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In 2016, channel 1 + 1 chose me and invited me to become one of the coaches in the "Glas zemljišta-7" show. And all this happened thanks to the Snows and her wishes, her faith in me and her love for me. Once we watched the television and saw the news that Jamal would become the project coaching. Then Snezhi immediately had the idea that I and I could become a trainer I did not categorically say, because in my understanding it was unreal. Then I was an "unformat", a kind of underground, which has nothing to do with television. But she thought differently, and two months later we received a call and were invited to casting. I was really shocked! But her faith helped me pass this way and already in the second season, where I was a coach, we, our team, won! This was the first time in the history of the Ukrainian "Voice of Ukraine".

And just in that period I began to understand that the family was the most important and most valuable thing in life. I had a real review of values ​​and priorities. I am very grateful that now I can communicate this to people by my example! After all, true love changes us completely and does not fear it because it leads to the best and unexpected changes in life.

Sound records for every period of life by Sergei Babkina

From 0-10: Taco "Puttin on Ritz"

From 10 to 20: Boyz II Men "On a Peaceful Night", 5NICE "San", Chizh and Co "Never Married", Bravo "Way to the Cloud"

From 20 to 30 years: Vladimir Vysotsky "Fussy Konji", Elena Camburova "Tree", Radiohead "Nice Dream", Khoronko Orchestra "Chubchik Curly", Billy's band "200 Agdam Blocks", Markscheider Kunst "

C 30-40: Charlie Winston "In Your Hands", Sting "The Shape of My Heart", Brussels "My Planet", Tatiana Antsifer's "World Without Love", Paolo Nutini "Iron Sky"

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