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Shnurov wrote the verse on the ban on entering Ukraine

Shnurov wrote verse about ban on entering Ukraine for Russian men

Photo: Alexander GLUZ

"I'll definitely come to you sometime when I'm in my sixty."

Sergey Shnurov responded to the ban on banning Kiev from entering Russian men in Ukraine. The Head of the Leningrad Group reminded Lobodo and Vera Brezovic and promised to come when he was over 60.

My dear friends,

For you as difficult as Parnassus,

But our mutual influence,

Nowhere to disappear from us.

The attraction of the nation is elastic,

And in two thousand and one hundred years

We will listen as before,

Vera Brezov and Loboda.

It will not be this, not Wednesday,

At the lock edge,

I'll definitely come to you somewhere

When I'm over sixty years old.

The decision to ban Ukraine's entry for Russian men aged 16 to 60 was announced at a meeting on strengthening defense capabilities with the president, the head of the border ministry. The ban applies to military law by the end of December. Exceptions promised to do, for example, if a citizen of Russia goes to the funeral.

Problems with the arrival of Russian men aged 16 to 60 appeared earlier after the adherence to the Crimea and the beginning of the military conflict in Donbas. Usually, the citizens of Russia indicate that they can not confirm the purpose of their journey.

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Russia will not introduce restrictions on entering the mirror for Ukrainians

This position was expressed by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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