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Sinking City: It's not too late to let go

Sinking City: It's not too late to let go

Luke Okmont meets a private detective Charles Reed with dense fog, leaning over the buildings, muddy rotting, and smashing under the feet of a huge octopus under his feet. So, hello, let's face it, every reasonable person would have enough one look to understand why this hole can not be found on any map.

genre adventure
platform PC / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
developers Frogwares
publisher Bigben Interactive
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Who would have to go to Ockmont at all, especially now, after a catastrophic flood that has made the whole area unsuitable for housing? However, people continue to come to town and, more importantly, disappear into it. Regarding Mr. Reed, here were two reasons for it – an investigation into the loss of people and their own nightmares that occurred during the First World War, right after the shipwreck in which all of Charles's associates were killed. He survived, but for some time he became a patient in a psychiatric hospital, where doctors did everything possible to save the poor man from the obsessive idea that an unknown evil lurks at the bottom of the sea. Unfortunately, there was no complete healing, and lately, just after the flood in Omontu, nightmares have risen. Well, at least the indifferent gentleman called on the detectives in that city to be forgotten, promising to find answers to the issues he was tormenting.

The first impression was not false, the rest of the areas were no better than the harbor – most of the ruined houses were left by residents, and some residences were in a sad state, water in the basement, color falling from the walls, plagued everywhere. Flooded canals are blocked by floating garbage and semi-demolished remains of marine creatures, and those who have not left underwater have rotted cars that have become useless. No less depressing impression is left by locals who roam from one house to another. Founding family members can still enjoy comfort, hiding from disasters within the walls of family villas, and the rest is less fortunate. Rumors of government in the city, cultists broadcast the end of the world, garbage controls the door that can take away life for a few bottles of alcohol, and in some areas horrible monsters are lurking, which is why citizens do not want to pay attention: they fence the dangerous zone into wooden boxes, a warning sign enough. Approaching the causes of nightmares that torture him, Detective Reed will face conspiracies, murders, ancient cults, forces from other worlds, and terrible prophecies, all that Howard Phillips Lovecraft left behind.

The subdued city is a very Lovecraft thing, with all its pluss and minuses. The ghost of the horror masterpiece is transmitted precisely, the game is sometimes quite scary and regularly causes crowds, but at the same time, the final is too predictable. The Frogwares could not and did not need to escape from the formula that was well demonstrated in the last "Sherlock". Investigating the next case, Reed collects evidence and connects them on a special screen to come to this or that conclusion, and during the crime scene review does not resort to the intuition of the legendary detective, but rather his obscene ability to see the hidden and reproduce the chronology of the event. From time to time, you will need to visit the mayor's office, library, police station, psychiatric hospital, and other municipal buildings to go to the archives and understand what the next evidence is. The game almost never points to where the detective should go any further, you have to discover everything yourself, and even if you find out the suspect's address during the investigation, there will be no traces on the map, they must be manually set. By the twentieth hour of the game you can move the terrain as well as the original Okmont. No moral dilemmas are waiting for the player to finish the investigation. Send the killer to a safe death or compassion him, realizing that he is only a victim of circumstances; save people in distress or leave them to die, taking care of the good of the entire city? In one word, the adventure part of The Sinking City is impressive, the research is fascinating, and fewer things are no less interesting than those that move the main story forward. What can not be said about the battles that occur in the game very often.

The fact that Frogwares only learns how to act with action is visible to the naked eye. Shooting at The Sinking City is annoying, sticky (at least when playing with a gamepad), the weapon does not feel like it should, there is no shudder. Arsenal is quite modest, there are only five types of firearms, and new barrels open very slowly. The cartridges that serve as a currency in Okhmont are permanently flawed, you can get them to complete your search box tasks and create the most from the raw materials that are in the same boxes. It also creates auxiliary weapons – grenades, molotov cocktails and pitfalls. What is the meaning of this other, I honestly did not understand – for the time it takes to install the trap, it's easier to beat the next monster with a shovel to death or bring it to the nearest door where the bigger creature has the chance to clutter, then you can shoot it in relative security .

In combat, you must occasionally use not only first-aid kits, but also medicines that increase the mental stability of the main character. Where in a game based on Lavkraf horror without mechanics of madness. It is important that Charles exploits excessively his unidentified detective abilities, longer than delayed stay near a monster, or simply finds himself suddenly in the dark basement with incomprehensible symbols, because his nervous nerve does not succeed, and he begins to suffer from hallucinations that can cause serious damage to his health . The idea is fun, only these healing injections are used for a very long time, because the fighting sometimes seems ridiculous – the hero climbed into a dark house with candles and skulls, the creature literally left the country, half the health was exhausted and scared to gray hair, and Here our detective jumps back to the street where he is safe, drives two syringes in the vein and moves back to the house. Moreover, it is desirable that the pipe is already in, because the local police force is somewhat inadequate. I tried to get monsters out of the cellar to kill them one at a time, but the policeman in the vicinity did not appreciate that idea and for some reason did not shoot in a demonic being spitting poisonous mule pieces than me. When it happened the other way, I concluded that the armed parties in Okhmont still do not like more than the homemade monsters, and yet outside the building they tried not to use the weapon.

The role system in the sunken City is down. To fulfill the mission and killing of the monster, Reed gains points for the passive skill pile, and they are divided into three branches – mental abilities, physical condition and struggle. As the character develops, Charles gains a healthier scale more impressive, learns to carry more ammunition and do more damage to the weapon and the crowd, begins to recover faster and so on. Why a World War I veteran did not know how to do it before it was an open question, but Frogwares is not the first studio to attack this rake, and especially not the last one.

As far as Ockman himself is concerned, he leaves a double impression. On one hand, the city looks very atmospheric, and on the other – it does not even try to pretend it's real. Residents, as we have said, walk wickedly in the streets, sometimes playing scenes such as food scattered on the ground or stabbing in the dark alley can react to weapons in the hands of the main character or the monster who jumped on the carriageway but are not enough for more . Sometimes scripts fly away from them, which is why they start pulling towards the main character like a magnet, this picture looks scary. The city is great, and you have to move it by foot or by boat, which does not move much faster. At first it is good because it contributes to a better urination in what is happening, but in the middle of the game you will carefully explore the environment in search of the telephone booth responsible for fast moves before you begin the next task of the story.

Finally, I would like to point out the beautiful, almost the finest Ukrainian localization from the SBT localization team, which I have seen, and I express hope that sometimes the games will come up with an original voice.

C Sinking City Frogwares tried to get out of its comfort zone and immediately tried to work with two new directions for itself – an action game of a third person and an open world. The result, quite apparently, was disputed. No scenarios or detective elements have any questions – the Kyivs are capable and fond of working, and Sherlock Holmes and lovers of Lovecraft are definitely playing for the game, but it turns out that the open world is empty. beautiful, and the action component does not inspire. We really hope that the next issue will take into account the mistakes, and developers will not leave experiments for the benefit of proven gaming formulas but will continue to develop ideas that have begun in the nightmare of Docking.

Interesting tasks; Lovecraft atmosphere; new mechanics in crime investigation

weak shootings; a lifeless city

The adventure game Frogwares is a sign of quality, despite the fact that not all the mechanics in The Sinking City did what they should

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