Sunday , May 16 2021

Sonya Kiperman Brezhnev's daughter photo: The oldest daughter of Breznje who fled to Russia impressed the fans with half-naked photo on the bed – footage

On March 30, the eldest daughter of singer Brezhneve, who fled to Russia, was 18 years old. Sonya Kiperman lives in Los Angeles apart from her mother. Recently, Brezhneva fled to the United States to congratulate her daughter on her first anniversary.

Brezhnev's daughter runs her site at Instagram, where she puts photos with friends, and also shows her body, Dialog.UA reports.

Recently, Kiperman praised another photo of the bedroom, showing "inadvertently" elastic breast. The girl lies in the bed in a white shirt, putting on black underwear.

The frame was appreciated by young Kiperman fans, and various comments left behind.

"Sonya, how beautiful you are!"; "This is just a masterpiece"; "Why are you so beautiful, ahhhh"; "Hot Girl"; "Aah, fire," he says under the photograph.

It's important to note that a girl often sets up social networking frames, showing her naked body parts. Kiperman is most often seen in swimsuits.

Let's remember, earlier, the national actress Tina Karol shared her photo of the social network. Photos display track records and collect thousands of comments.

We add, the network flooded Nastja Kamenski's hot box.

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