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Terry bought a mansion next to Bridge House, whose wife slept in 2010

Chelsea legend John Terry refreshed the embarrassing episode from his biography.

Terry, who now works as an assistant at Aston Villa, bought the house for € 5 million. The piquancy of the situation is compounded by the fact that John's new mansion is located a few meters from Wayne Bridge's home.

Ten years ago, Terry and Bridge formed a friendship, but when Bridge decided to divorce his wife and mother, Vanessa Perronsel, John Terry consoled him and at that time everything went too far in their relationship.

Wayne Bridge and Vanesse Perronsel

Following that story, Bridge refused to squeeze Terry's hand before Chelsea played a match against Man City, which Wayne was running for. In addition, Bridge refused to go with England to the 2010 World Cup due to the fact that Terry was there.

John himself then lost his captaincy in the national team and England failed to make it to the tournament. One of the reasons was called the negative atmosphere on the team.

And now they are becoming neighbors. It will be quite difficult for them not to collide with each other. They are literally in one another. This can lead to an awkward meeting between two former friends.

Earlier it was reported that Tymoskov's ex-wife had accused him of treason.

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