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Tesla has reached the planned thousands of cars a day

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Now Tesla employees need to save this amount of production.

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

American company Tesla reached previously planned quantities of electric vehicles Model 3 up to 1 thousand cars per day. This was announced on Friday by an online portal "Electrek" (Electrek), specializing in news on electric vehicles and renewable energy sources – writes TASS.

Portal quotes email from Tessa's head Ilona Mask sent to his subordinates. In it he confirmed that the indicators set by the company reached, stating that now Tesla's employees have to keep these production volumes.

"If you can somehow help [компании] in order to scale the 3th model production at the level of 1 thousand cars a day while retaining excellence, then you consider this to be a top priority ", – stated in the letter.

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He also states that the main limiting factor at this stage is the stage of production in the body, so workers have to pay close attention to this process. In addition, Musk has in his message called on his subordinates to present ideas to reduce the cost of producing Tesla even more, Electrek writes.

At the moment, Tesla electric cars are made in one place – in Fremont (California) and in batteries – in Reno (Nevada). On July 10, the company signed an agreement on the construction of electric vehicle manufacturing facilities in China, located near Shanghai. According to Chinese media, Tesla invests in the construction of companies with an annual production capacity of up to 500,000 cars.

Tesla founded Maska in 2003. His seat is in Palo Alto (California). Initially, the company specializes in the production of electric vehicles, but later became involved in the creation of solar cells and other energy storage systems.

recall tweet Ilona Mask crashed shares of Tesla.

We also wrote this Tesla dramatically increased car production and set a record. Ilona Mask struggled with the release of model 3.

Tesla's share prices during pre-bidding on Tuesday increased by 2%. Capitalization of electric vehicle manufacturers and solar panels over the last three months decreased by 7.3%. earlier Tesla shares rose by 17% against Ilona Mask's decision go to the "world" in court.

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