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The actress from “Sklifosovski” spoke with tears about her husband’s death

Irina Osnovina still can’t come to terms with the departure of a loved one.

Irina Osnovina. Photo: frame of the series “Sklifosovsky”, 2012

The actress, who played the head nurse Faina Igorevna in the TV series Sklifosovsky, Irina Osnovina, among other artists, became a guest of the evening program of the TV channel Russia 1 “Hello, Andrei!”.

The host of the show, Andrej Malakhov, started saying that the fate of the actress is similar to the series. At one time she fell in love with a former prisoner, fell at his feet and swore love. Sergei Kudryavtsev and Irina Osnovina became husband and wife and she helped him return to acting.

Husband of Irina Osnovy Sergey Kudryavtsev
Irina Osnovina’s husband, Sergej Kudrjavcev, passed away in 2017. Photo: “Hello, Andrey!”

“Seryozha is dead,” the actress said quietly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” Andrey Malakhov apologized.

Irina Osnovina’s wife died in 2017, the man died of cancer. At that time, the series starred Irina Evgenievna.

Irina Osnovina
Irina Osnovina could hardly hold back her tears on the program. Photo: “Hello, Andrey!”

“When he was dying, I was supported by all the guys from our“ Sklifosovsky ”series, the actress couldn’t hold back tears when she talked about this.

She added that her husband is a fellow citizen of Denis Karasev who died in January this year. One of his last works was a role in the TV series “Sklifosovsky”.

Denis Karasev in the series "Sklifosovsky"
The last shot of the late Denis Karasev. Photo: “Hello, Andrey!”

“When they told me that Karasev was dead, I looked at the last shot: Denis was standing through the glass looking and, as if waving. This is his last blow “, – said Irina Osnovina.

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