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The famous Toyota Corolla sedan has become the premier date for the next generation

The famous Toyota Corolla sedan has become the premier date for the next generationCorolla Sedan built on the architecture of Toyota's new global architecture.

Toyota announced the debut date for the new twelfth generation Corolla sedan. The model will be presented at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 16th. The design of the car will overlap with a project of the same hatchback, and the range of power plants will include "aspirated" and hybrids.

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The Corolla Sedan will be built based on Toyota's new global architecture (TNGA) architecture, such as the latest generation of Prius and Camry. According to rumors, depending on the market, the model will be equipped with hybrid units based on 1.8 and 2.0 engines, their non-hybrid versions as well as two-liter "four" from the Dynamic Force Engine family, combined with the Direct Shift-CVT variable transmission.

According to preliminary information, the limo will not get a turbo engine of 116 liters of 1.2 liters. This unit is offered by Auris, which, after entering the market, will be renamed to Corolla.

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Introduced in March, the Toyota Corolla hatchback has got a variable that can mimic 10-speed sequential gears. Equipped with sports mode and the first "starting gear" – The classic gear is used in the initial phase of idle acceleration. Motor for the American Market – a two-liter volume with combined injecting, as well as a variable valve timing system at the inlet and outlet.

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