Tuesday , May 18 2021

The famous Ukrainian singer was urgently hospitalized.

Famous Ukrainian singer Catherine Buzhinsky said she had brought her to an emergency hospitalization.

She entered the hospital bed because of overload and stress.

– And who said three children were easy? I am such a mother to worry about everything: something happened to the oldest, something with Dimochko, something with Katerink, and I'm constantly under stress. And there is work, and traveling, airplanes constantly, because we live in two countries, "the artist explained.

Buzhinsky lives in Ukraine and Bulgaria, where does her husband come from.

The singer understands that frequent flights affect her health, but she can not refuse them.

– I can not be in one country. I love people, I love Ukraine. Here are my friends, my work, here is my audience, so I'll fly. I'm a strong woman and artist – this is a diagnosis – the singer said.

She added that her younger twin children are living in Bulgaria, and older Lena lives in Kiev. In the capital, the daughter goes to school and her parents want it to end.

"But in the summer we will all be together in Kiev, in Koncha-Zaspi, Greece, and in Bulgaria we will rest," concluded the singer.

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