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The king is not here. Manchester Derby at the time of post-Ferguson and the best Man City

World history has given birth to phrases such as the "Rubicon Cross" or "buried the ax of the war". We still use them, we call them a cruise. But the modernity of two football giants in Manchester proposes to move away from cliché clashes and provide more powerful substitutions.

In the case of Manchester United, this is Ferguson's withdrawal – an expression that describes a dramatic change for an even worse and prolonged crisis. The term "Manchester City" is a "seizure of Arab money", which means a quick improvement of things thanks to the bold financials of suspicious origin.

These memories are the echo of major changes that have influenced not only the clubs, but also the atmosphere of British football. So much so that today is not London with its innumerable derby, and Wembley is the main football town of the island. So now Manchester has become.

In 2011, the National Football Museum was moved – a place that every cheerleader needs to visit. Here is the BBC's office, from where the cult British program "Match of the day" is broadcast. This is where Britain's main house is now – "Manchester City" against "Manchester United".

Man for MJ

The arrival of the Emirate and later the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson – with two events we can superficially describe what is happening now with "citizens" and "rivals". But not what is happening in their internal conflicts.

On the one hand, these events have changed the power ratio in Manchester. Bulls neighbor for decades in front of the original kings of the city in every respect, apart from the trophies and the glory of the world (we do not consider the financial means, because it is illogical to compare club and country budgets if you know what I mean).

On the other hand, in personal conflicts, the advantages of Manchester City can not be monitored. Yes, after Ferguson retired, Manchester United's dominance in the derby got cold and died. Even when Scotchman, the "red devils" suffered the biggest defeat of the derby home during the Premier League tie – the famous 1: 6 in October 2011 with the pairs of Balotelli and Jacko. But …

Beginning after Fergus' stage, the conflict between MJ and MC became even. From the 2013/14 season, teams played 12 fighters in all tournaments (including friendly matches). Finally: five get each and two zero zeros.

Man for MJ

Even the arrival at Manchester City's main genius of modern football, Pep Guardiola, did not affect the situation. In general, successful catalog work with "citizens" did not affect the Manchester derby. On the contrary, while in the fight, Manchester United, which has three wins against two defeats.

The coach of the new derby played a key role as a result only at the beginning – when Red Devils led Ferguson's longtime successor David Moyes. In his coaching career, Moyzi has only two Manchester United rivals and both defeats are 1: 4 and 0: 3. Since then, there have not been so many victories in the clash.

They were magnificent. The most striking of them happened at the end of last season in the underlying circumstances. recently The telegraph even called her the best victory for Manchester United since Ferguson's departure.

At that time, "Manchester City" was already filled with 99%, and the last nice step was the home win in the derby. After the first half, everything was in line with the ideal host plan that led 2-0.

But during the break, Jose Mourinho found it correct wordsIn the second half, the "devils" pulled a strong 3: 2 victory, and particularly enthusiasm left the crown of a malicious rival, still not allowing him to become the fastest England champion in history.

Who knows this was the cause, but with a caustic response, "citizens" did not slow down. In August, Amazon released a documentary about the "citizens" championship season. Despite the valuable footage of Guardiola's work, the ribbon in one of the episodes has presented the modern Manchester derby as a clash between two different soccer philosophies – the spectacular attacking style of Pepa against Jose Mourinho's defensive model.

The idea of ​​a Portuguese mock-up is called a "parked bus".

Pep ta moor

The truth does not hide. The confrontation between massive Guardiola and Mourinho antagonists has been raging with the tensions between Manchester United. Remember at least last year's battles when, after winning "Manchester City" at "Old Trafford" in the hall, they bombarded two camps with the subtribution – sparking was brought by Moura, who was furious over the celebration of guests in the dressing room.

Such details complement the party. They make this derby wait longer than the others. But nobody takes the advantage – at least in the short term. While in the new Manchester United conflict, there is no king. And she certainly does not answer either.

view: Reuters, Getty Images,, Sky Sports

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