Monday , May 17 2021

The lover of the Amazon founder filed for divorce only one day after divorce announcement, Jeff Bezos

One day after the official end of the divorce proceedings, the Amazon owner and the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, his mistress, Lauren Sanchez, left her husband. This is written by the New Zealand Herald

Loren and her husband, Hollywood filmmaker Patrick Whitesell, filed a lawsuit for divorce. He also filed an identical set of documents.

The couple lived together for 13 years, have two children.

Little is known about Bezos and Sanchez's novel. From the time the richest man in the world filed for a divorce, it became known that Lauren met her husband at the party. They met in secret, fled to the resort and exchanged erotic messages. Together they were "caught" for the first time at a party after the Golden Globe.

Photo: NYtimes

Jeff's divorce was quiet. Mackenzie received $ 35.7 billion, and the woman was handing over to the Washington Post newspaper and to the space company Blue Origin. It also received four percent stake in Amazon.

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