Tuesday , June 15 2021

Ukraine has slowed down inflation

In October, consumer prices in Ukraine increased by 1.7%. That is 0.2% less than a month earlier.

Consumer prices in Ukraine in October compared to September increased by 1.7%, since the beginning of the year – by 7.4%. This is reflected in the data of the State Statistics.

According to the National Statistics, the annual inflation rate was 9.5% compared to 8.9% in October last year.

Fundamental inflation in October this year was 1.3 percent, compared with 1.9 percent in September. According to the results of 10 months, it reached 6.9%.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages prices increased by 1.4%. The most expensive vegetables – only 8.8%.

Olive, milk and dairy products, bread, eggs, pasta, cereals, butter, rice, fish and fish products increased by 4.4-1.1%. At the same time, fruit fell by 4.6%, and sugar fell by 2.3%.

The prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products rose by 2.3%, including alcoholic beverages – by 3.2%, tobacco products – by 1.6%.

Housing, water, electricity, gas and other types of fuel increased by 0.6% mainly due to the increase of sewage tariff by 5.2%, water supply by 4.8%, maintenance of houses and houses for 1 4 %.

The increase in the price of transport by 3.1% is mainly due to the increase of fuel and oil prices by 6.0%, as well as transport services by 2.4%.

In the area of ​​communications prices rose by 3.3%, which is related to the increase in the prices of postal services by 9.4%, and mobile communications by 6.9%.

Remember that in September, after four months of deflation, State Statistics recorded a 1.9% rise in prices.

Previously, in Ukraine there was price reduction: in May, June and August – zero inflation, in July – 0.7% deflation.

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