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Ukraine's Central Election Commission Involves Saakashvili Party in Bulletin / GORDON

The Central Election Commission led the party of Mikhail Sakawvilija "Rukh Novyi Sil" to Voting No. 22 without a new drama.

The Central Election Commission of Ukraine has included the party "Rukh Novyi Syl" of Mikhail Sakawvili on voting. The decision on political force at No. 22 was adopted at a June 30 meeting, according to the Social Network on Facebook.

"The Central Election Commission has included Mikhail Rakashvili's Party of New Rukh Power in No 22 Revocation, changing the resolution of June 26, approving the content, color and size of the ballot paper," the report said.

The party's representative said he would not appeal the decision not to postpone the electoral process, activists said.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky announced on May 21 dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada VIII. Summoning and Appointing Early Parliamentary Elections July 21 On May 23, the Zelene Law came into force on the premature termination of the Verkhovna Rade's authority and the appointment of extraordinary parliamentary elections. From May 24 in Ukraine, the election process started.

Sawmill on May 28 said in a Nash channel: "Now my party, Rukh Novyi Slov," was not registered, some other party registered under my name. "In a commentary on the channel" UA: First, "May 27, Sakašvili stated that his party" The Ring of the New Forces "was taken over by the Ministry of Justice In the Single Registry of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, head of the political party," The new forces of Mihail Sakašvilija " 39634331) points out to Olga Galabala. In addition, the block of Mikheil Saakashvili, headed by Andrei Andrushkov, is in the register of parties.

In June 2018, lawyer Pavel Bogomazov, representing "Ruch New Forces Mikhail Saakashvili," asked the court to inform the Obolon police administration in Kiev to begin investigating possible illegal acts during the collection of signatures for the creation of the Georgian Party of Ukraine now called "block Mihael Saakashvili". The Court has decided to return the claim to the claimant.

June 7, 2019 Saakashvili stated that "Ruch new forces" decided to participate independently in early parliamentary elections.

Sacking on June 13, he presented a list of new strengths. On June 23, the Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine refused to allow the political force to register for extraordinary parliamentary elections in the state multi-party electoral constituency and candidates for national party representatives in single-member constituencies.

On June 25th The sixth Appellate Administrative Court in Kyiv abolished the decision of the Central Election Commission to reject the candidate's nomination for the Ruh Novyi Slov political party and ordered the Central Electoral Commission to review the registration documents.

On June 29, the Central Election Commission registered party representatives to participate in early elections for the Verkhovna Rada in single-member and multi-dimensional constituencies.

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