Sunday , May 9 2021

Volkswagen plans to make an electric car worth less than 20 thousand euros

German car maker Volkswagen AG plans to produce an inexpensive electric car worth less than 20 thousand euros. ($ 22.5 thousand).

This model will likely enter the market as early as 2023 as part of the Seat brand and will gain a new budget platform. Seagull entrance.

It is assumed that the starting price for electric vehicles is based on the Volkswagen main platform Seagull will amount to 26 thousand euros / $ 30 thousand. This will be used to create medium and premium class models.

In order to offer a broader range of potential buyers of affordable electric cars, the German car maker will develop a simplified budget version of the platform. MEB entry, which will reduce the starting price level to 20 thousand euros / $ 22.5 thousand

Prior to using this strategy on Volkswagen electric vehicles, the company decided to test it on an affordable Seat brand.

Other brand names are not mentioned in this respect, however, according to the logic of event development, it is possible that another "budget" brand of the company, Škoda, could get a similar model.

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