Sunday , May 9 2021

Why YouTube blocked a channel snippet?

YouTube has blocked the composer's channel Oleg Parastaeva, where the musician released the Alliance video for the song "Na zoru" from 1987, broadcasts 360 TV channels.

My channel in YouTube is blocked by spam, fraud, and fraud. I'm at a loss, – says Oleg Parastaev.

The musician suggested that the system might have been considering a sharp increase in the number of channels displayed by the shelf. After the release of the "earliest premier," more than half a million people watched the day.

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Video footage recorded for song "At Dawn" has been collecting dust on Oleka Parastayeva's shelf for many years for VHS tape format. The composer appealed for help with digitizing and restoring the video to his director, Mihail Makarenku, for whom, at one point, this video was the first experience as a director.

Earlier, the fifth channel reported that the Alliance group had shown 32 years later clip to hit "at dawn". Music lovers have said that "this is the earliest premier they've ever seen".

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