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Zelensky and Poroshenko – biographies of female candidates for the president of Ukraine

Green and Poroshenko: What secrets to keep women's presidential candidates

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Journalists have told unusual facts about the lives of the wives of the main presidential candidates

According to election results, Vladimir Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko moved to the second round. That is why journalists decided to find out details of the personal life of presidential candidates. As it turned out, Zelenskaya waited for the wedding for eight years and Porošenko left the job for the family. The TSN is notified of this.

Zena Zelenskog was Elena Kiyashko before marrying her husband. They studied in parallel. The difficulty was that Vladimir had to win a student of the Krivoy Rog Building Division from another man. By the way, Elena waited for formal marriage for quite a long time.

Remember your spouse often liked to joke about your beloved on TV. However, in public, the pair almost never appeared together.

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But the story of Marina Perevedentsev is significantly different. The girl graduated from the Medical University of Moscow and became a cardiologist. The wife met her on the disc and one year after the first meeting, officially married at the age of 21. By the way, he was 18 years old.

On February 1st, the first woman was 57. Every year, on the birthday of Petar Porošenka, she gave her a map of a country they were not in, and they traveled almost the whole world at that moment. By the way, Marina is married for 35 years. In the Poroshenko family, two sons and two daughters. I already have grandchildren. Because of the comfort of the family, she left the work of a cardiologist.

His wife Zelensky currently has 41 years, like Vladimir. What Zelensky gives to his wife is unknown, but judging by the declaration, his wife has cars, apartments and ornaments. Together for 24 years. Have two children.

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By the way, fashion expert Julia Magdych claims to have each of the first ladies equipped with an encrypted code. Here is the role of color, style and height of the heel.

For example, looking at the picture of Marine Porošenko, the expert pointed out: "He is always trying to reconcile all images, and even if we look at her costume and postulate" Thoughts, "we will see that they are of the same color."

But Elena appeared in red on the small heels. According to the label, they should not be more than 8 centimeters. "The evening picture of Elena Zelenskaya is very spectacular, and what we have seen in it is actually a color coding, because it's a red color of victory," said the designer.

For 5 years, Mary Poroshenko has been able to prove, as the head of the news on the occasion of her husband's greetings, and also as a leading fitness coach on one of the TV channels and as the sponsor of inclusive education. This means that it advocates training in regular, not in special schools, children with physical disabilities.

Elena Zelenskaya still ponders. In an interview, she said she was categorically opposed to her husband's struggling struggle. So what exactly, except for editing her husband's speech, she will be engaged in the status of the first lady – she does not speak.

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