Tuesday , May 18 2021

A new installation to bring North Lights to London Tower this weekend

Those who do not like to fly by plane to Iceland or Norway to see the Northern Light can enjoy a unique version of London this weekend – and will not cost you any coins.

Activist and active artist Dan Acher with his installation Borealis brings his version of the Northern Light to the Tower of London. The name of the plant refers to Aurora Borealis, which is located on the northern hemisphere, while Aurora Australis is located in the south.

Run on Friday April 5th and Saturday, April 6th, from 20:00 to 22:30, free ariel art will boast of powerful laser beams that will travel through the clouds of particles to create an incredible resemblance to the famous spectacle. Changing time in the UK creates variations in motion, color and density, which means that each time you create a unique aurora.

It is important to note that the front side of the London Card Tournament is considered the best place for a magnificent view – so early to get there is a good idea to secure Insta-valuable footage.

Artwork is coming to London after visiting Australia, Japan and Switzerland.

Acher's sky show debuted on Thursday night, and numerous celebrities appeared including star Made In Chelsea Oliver Proudlock, Victoria Clay from the UK's Next Top model and DJ and Vogue Williams.

Tower of London, EC3N 4AB, free, for more information visit hrp.org.uk

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