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All that Neil Warnock said to Sol Bambi, the Cardiff victory in victory over the victory in Brighton and his hopes in January

Neil Warnock celebrated his 100th Cardiff City match in style, as Bluebirds beat Brighton 2-1 thanks to Sol Bamba's final win.

Here's all that Capfora had to say after the game.

How much was it pleased to celebrate 100 matches in Cardiff with victory?

From our point of view it was fantastic to finish the game. I can not look anymore. They're a good group of boys. In some areas we are a bit limited.

We've so much improved since last year. We can move as fast as possible, so it's important to go again in January.

Players give everything so I do not have any ads today.

Neil Warnock celebrates Cardiff City's victory over Brighton

What are your thoughts on the red card?

Stephens is a real boy, he is honest. I think I understand why the judge gave it.

When I look at Joe Ralls who has sent me to Tottenham as compared to the danger element of today.

I thought our job would be a bit harder, but fortunately we got stuck and got the winner.

Judge Martin Atkinson shows Dale Stephens from Brighton and Hove Albion a red card

Kadeem Harris made his first start of the season today, what did you do for his performance?

He deserves it. He was the best training player in the last six weeks.

I did not think I would play each if I was honest at the beginning of the season, but I changed.

It was an absolute breath of fresh air for me as a manager, every day in training.

I had no choice but to put him in the team. I thought it was every time he got dangerous.

He was as good as anyone in the field.

Kadeem Harris from Cardiff City celebrates his party over Brighton

What's the latest in Sean Morrison?

He broke his nose. Today he has had a few harsh challenges.

But in the end I thought it was a little dizzy, so we did not want to risk anything with an international break.

He was with Joe Ralls, and he came back and I thought he was fantastic in such circumstances.

We did not want to play it just after an international vacation, but we have few bodies per minute.

The poor old Gunnari (Aron Gunnarsson) could come back with ten minutes if we have another submarine. So there are lots of pluses.

Captain Cardiff City Sean Morrison leaves the field to win over Brighton

We are trying to break a little, and yet you are looking at the first goal we have achieved, it came from Neil Etheridge, we had 16 passes, and none of their players touched him, but people would say it was a long throw.

I do not think sometimes our boys get enough credit. It was a well-made move and an excellent goal.

Did he have to win after Leicester's game?

My view was changed last week, I knew it had to win it, but I did not talk much to you!

With a feeling at the stadium you can tell how great a win

They are a key element. You've heard that again, the number of people who commented on your fans.

They are the main difference in whether we want to stay or not.

There is no chance for the bookmakers. But when boys give it all, and if we bring two or three quality players to the team in January, we will have a good chance like everyone else.

Fans of Cardiff celebrated the goal of Sol Bambe against Brighton

We are limited but you can not refuse entry to the Premier League.

It is not our fault that we probably did before our time last year. When I look at those people, I'm very proud of them and their desire for a shirt.

What did you mean when you twice hit the woodcutter before the winner?

In fairness, Sharon my wife does not read the tea lists, but a few weeks ago she said my happiness was changing from Thursday even onwards.

I'm going to have a drink for her tonight. There he went well.

Sol Bamba (center) Cardiff City celebrates victory over Brighton

She must be pleased that Sol Bamba wins the winner after her role in Brighton's opening

Not more than 30 seconds before leaving, we talked about doing our part with half the center. They are so good in the groups.

They have won 1-0 as many times in the last few weeks and bet they thought it might be another one.

But, as I say, our equalizer was a fantastic goal.

I thought they all contributed. Even at 1-1, it's great to save (from Etheridge). Turning on the ball was a great save, and it's hard when you do not have much work.

Did Sean Morrison find out before he left?

I do not think so. His vision was just blurry. His nose is not in good shape. I told the doctor and the doctor, if there is a suspicion that we will take him and put him on Lee Peltier.

He (Peltier) probably did not have to be on the bench today, but we did not get any defensive wizards.

There was no chance at all but to do it. I told Mozzu: "You did well." If you're shaky, you can not make a verdict.

Sol Bamba has previously said that you are like a father's figure, do you feel like a son for you?

In the old days I would take my stomach today! But you're not allowed now.

We worked on it every day this week, and then how much time is needed? Six minutes.

But I'm very pleased with him. It was the absolute breath of fresh air.

He came here for a free transfer, and from the first day, he and Junior Hoilett were great for me. I'm thrilled about it, it's nothing more than it deserves. He is honest.

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Cardiff 2-1 Brighton

Sol Bamba has revealed that he has told the judge not to take off his shirt after the celebration when he asked if Martin Atkinson did it

I do not think Martin would do that in the eye. That's what the leaders really are.

I mentioned the judge when he warned us that he was booked for the removal of the shirt, I said that I hope he has scored three of our players today because they do not score so many points.

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