Sunday , May 16 2021

Andrea Leads: Without work Brexit next week would not have been such a slim Politics

Brexit, without agreement at the end of next week, would be "almost as sombre" as many believe, one of Theresa May's top ministers said, as both government and workers stated that inter-party talks to resolve the situation remained dead,

Andrea Leadsom, the Community leader, said preparations would alleviate many of the negative effects without agreement. He also said that the idea of ​​extending the exit was long enough to require the United Kingdom to hold European elections "completely unacceptable."

At present, there are very few signs that May travel to the next week's European Council summit with a coherent plan for which the EU says it will be necessary to approve the UK's additional delay for Brexit, which is currently scheduled to take place Friday.

At the end of last week, Laburists said the conversations that he had conveyed with Jeremy Corbyn and his team reached very little since May, as the prime minister was not ready to compromise either in one of its red lines Brexit, especially at the key demand for the Post-Breed Union .

The shadow secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey, who was among the Labor delegation, said on Sunday that although the mood of the conversation was "fairly positive and reliable", little achieved.

"It is sad that we have not seen at this point any real changes in the agreement, but we hope this will change in the coming days and we are ready to continue the talks as we know that governments," she told The Andrew Marr Show for BBC One.

"But we are currently waiting for the government to return to us to say whether they are ready to go to any of their red lines."

Speaking later on the same issue, Leads stated that he was willing to accept the Customs "arrangement" in the Talea Treaty, and that she and other members of the Tymoshenko's ministry team could not accept the full customs union. .

"There are different types of arrangements, and these discussions continue," Leads said, calling the existing customs plan in May "an excellent proposal."

Asked whether May could agree with a full customs union, Leads did not mention it. "My expectations – and I am not a participant in the discussions – is that the prime minister will seek to agree on only the things that still make Brexit."

He also refused to confirm that he could stay in the government if a new customs plan was agreed, saying "It depends on what that means."

There was speculation that MPs could force a vote to abolish Article 50 in full if the EU rejected the new Brexit postponement this week and the uncompromising abandonment of the loom Friday. Leads said she would never agree with them and that no agreement would be acceptable.

"It's not nearly as terrible as many would have advocated," she said. "The state service has done an incredible job to minimize the problems. I'm not an advocate for any job, but it would not be as bad as many think it would be. "

According to May's compromise, announced in Downing Street's statement on Wednesday, if the Labor Party and the government can not agree on consensus, parliamentarians can be asked to vote on various options, with the choice being considered binding.

But Long Bailey said the Labor Party did not hear anything about this: "We had no discussion on what the next stage would be, and the government did not confirm whether to adopt this approach or to look at more flexible approaches. "

She refused to dismiss the Laboratory's withdrawal of Article 50, saying that the party wanted to stop any work "in any situation". Asked about the possible recall, she added, "We'll keep all the options in the game."

In the middle of the stalemate, the timetable ahead of Brexit's deadline is greatly reduced on Friday, over time seemingly too short to allow the process of indicative voting of MPs approved by the government before May in Brussels on Wednesday afternoon.

Instead, the parliament could instead urge the parliament to request an extension of Article 50 from a new date that was requested on 22 June and which the EU had previously refused.

It is expected that in the account led by Laboratory Representative Yvette Cooper, who allowed Maya to avoid layoffs, end his progress through Lord on Monday and then he will get the same consent.

Before the EU potentially agrees to a longer delay in Brexit, it must increase the prospect of the future government after May becoming an obstructive block member.

Conservative backbak Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg on Sunday reiterated his proposal that the UK is trying to veto the EU budget and other disturbances if it remains.

"I do not think the EU has behaved in our jargon with us with sincere cooperation," said Sophy Ridge at Sky News on Sunday. "We no longer have the obligation to pursue sincere cooperation in return."

He said, "When a multi-year financial framework appears, if we are still in the game, this is our ability to veto the budget and be very tough, and I hope every British Prime Minister will be prime minister. will take advantage of that opportunity. "

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