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Ariana Grande new video – Who's the star in Ariana Grande thanks in, the next video

Stop what you are doing right now because Ariana Grandeov arrived, thank you, next, & # 39; video.

After several weeks of networking with various trailers, Instagrams, and quotations, we assumed that the video would be honored our Ariana's favorite movies: Legal blonde, 13 go to 30, Medium girls and Just give. Of course, we were very, very excited.

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Not only did Ariana deliver for undoubtedly one of the finest, most exquisite and colorful songs of the 21st century and accompany him with the blimmin's good video, and he also engaged a whole host of well-known friends to join her. It contains * real * stars from original movies (helllooo, Jennifer Coolidge) and other brilliant women and some of her closest friends.

Here's who debuted a part of the most unpredictable music video in 2018:

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Ariana Grande video


Do you need an introduction? Not. Is it unbelievable that the ultimate Momager played the final movie mom? That.

Jennifer Coolidge

Yessss. Legal blonde Paulette (i also Stifler's mom) is in the video. We know that Ariana is a huge fan of Jennifer after he did it on the spot Tonight Show Show Actresses Jimmy Fallon, and now Jennifer is the real life of Paulette Ariana's Elle Woods.

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If someone else admits to Jennifer, but can not completely accommodate it (except Legal blonde and American Pie, here is the fist of iconic roles played by: Monica and Phoebe's mischievous British friend Amanda in friends, Hilary Duff's Whip in The story of Pepeljugi, Agent Joey Tribbiani in Bobbie friends spin-off Joey, Sophie Kachinsky in Zagreb 2 broken girls and Whitney S Pierce (Brittany's Mummy) in Glee.

Seriously, IMDb literally mentions 103 actor's acting scores for Jennifer.

Colleen Ballinger

Colleen and her baby hammer are also in the video in both Bad girls and Legal blonde skitsFor anyone who is unfamiliar with Colleen, her YouTube alter ego Miranda Sings, who specializes in performing beautiful key cats – a banging-against-a-wall cover version of well-known songs, including many Arians, goes off. Miranda Sings was then the star of the Netflix series Haters back off for two seasons.

Colleen is actually back with Arian and her brother Frankie, they are very close, and last year she said she was thinking of Ari as her sister Frankie as their brother and their midwife Joan as "the other mother". Ariana also appeared on YouTube videos on the Colleen's YouTube channel as it is still in the day.

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Jonathan Bennett

Yes, this is not an exercise. The real Aaron Samuels appears in the video as well as the teaser that speaks the classic Bad girls reference: "Ariana Grande told me that my hair looked sexy pushed back."

From playing Aaron, Jonathan – now a 37-year-old – is doing enough Evil girls-related things. He published a parody cook in August Mentioned Cookbook and rejoined with Kevin G for the last year's album.

aaron samuels ariana great thanks in the next

Grand Central Life & Style

A year later Bad girls came out, he was acting in Cheaper by Dinner 2. He also starred in TV series Veronica Mars, disputed Dance with the stars and hosts related to food like Cake Wars and Halloween wars on the American food network.

Stefanie Drummond

"He hit me once in the face, it was terrible."

"I saw Cady Heron in military pants and flip flops, so I bought military pants and flip-flops."

"I can not help if I have a heavy flow and a weighing scale. "



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Stefanie Drummond architect is probably best quoted in Bad girls who were an integral part of her relatively small role as Bethany Byrd (be honest, did you know that this is a likeness?). The classic lines, and their ultimate performance by Stefanie, are probably the reason why Ariana was set up to introduce it to "thank you for the next" video. Brilliant move.

In addition to the 2004 film, Stefanie also starred in punija kuća TV series and Oscar films Reflector What is a fun fact, Rachel McAdams or aka Regina George also played a major role.

Elizabeth Gilles

Elizabeth plays the ultimate Mean Girl Cady Heron, a character Lindsay Lohan brought gloriously into life, in the video. IRL, the 25-year-old Liz – also in Ariana's "Right There" spot in 2013 – stars on TV show Dynasty such as Fallon Carrington. But Elizabeth was also in Nickelodeon series Victorious where is known Ariana.

Here are the Kids Choice Awards 2011. Cute!

Ariana Grande

Getty ImagesChristopher Polk

Three Sivan

We all know Three, right? Well for those who are not a singer / songwriter / YouTube, and released the Absolute Banger "Dance To This" with Ariana earlier this year and two are now pretty good friends.

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ariana grand troye sivan

Getty ImagesDimitrios Kambouris / MG18

Gabi DeMartino

Gabi is YouTube with 2.2 million subscribers and actresses. For some time, there have been some comparisons suggesting her resemblance to Arian. It came to the head in July when Gabi released a video on his Youtube account titled "I Lived Like Ariana Grande for the Day of Parody". Some fans were not happy with the impression.

Ariana then appeared to respond to a clip of Gabi trying to laugh like her, saying, "Yes, that is not."

However, just when we thought the potential shadow was thrown (Gabi said that her "heart thrown" from the fandom "split it" after Ariy's commentary) Ariana all responded, confirming it was a joke. Now, it seems, two friends, because Gabi came to the video. Yay.

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Matt Bennett

Matt is Ariana's friend and former co-worker from Victorious days. Stars in Video at Just give part, during the iconographic recreation of toothbrushes. In the spot behind the scenes, Ariana, the day before the video was released, it seemed as if he had a kit for a while.

Ariana Grande Matt Bennett thanks in the next video

Matt and Ariana in 2011

Getty ImagesBrendan Hoffman

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Since Nickelodeon's day Matt had roles bridesmaids (he played Helen's tennis club tennis club), I and Earl and Dying Girl and Big Bang Theory.

Victoria Monet

Fans of Ariana can recognize a 25-year-old Monet because she is a close friend of a singer and regularly appears on her social media site. He collaborates with Arian and collaborated with songs "My Everything," "Let Me Love You," and "OK," and recently "Thank U, Next."

Victoria also joined Ari on the concert stage of One Love Manchester to sing the song "Better Days".

One Love Manchester ariana grande victoria many

Getty ImagesKevin Mazur / One Love Manchester

In the music video, she is part of the East Compton Clovers, honor Just give.

Tayla Parx

Tayla is another of Ari's close friends who is in the East Compton Clovers Crew & Thanks; Next & # 39; video. He also recently joined Victoria for Ariana's performance of a song he also wrote with two other girls Ellen Show.

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Tayla is a songwriter who has helped many songs of Ariane, as well as "Boss" Fifth Harmony and "Love Lies" Khalid and Normans.

Another fun fact – Taylor is an actress and played the role of Little Inez in the 2007 movie Hairspray where she acted (and finally was crowned Miss Hairspray) with Zac Efron, John Travolta and Amanda Bynes. NBD.

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