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Arsenal News: Paul Merson names three schedules that will decide on top four races

Former Arsenal and England forward Paul Merson (Picture: Getty)

Paul Merson believes that Arsenal's guest matches against Everton, Leicester City and Wolves will decide on the first Premier League race.

With just over a month in the remaining 2018-1911 campaign, Arsenal is fourth in the table, one behind Tottenhama's northern rivals.

Unai Emery's side can cross over Spurs on Sunday when they travel to Goodison Park to meet Everton.

And Merson believes Sunday match is one of three that will determine whether Arsenal qualify for the Champions League or slip out of the top four.

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"This is a massive match," said hero Gunners Merson on Arsenal's trip to Everton. Its Arsenal has received seven guest games of seven.

They think that you can afford to lose one game when you can do it to make sure it's not the first of seven, because it puts you under real pressure.

"Everton ran West Ham last week, and if it's not for Lukas Fabianski, I do not know what the outcome would be."

"But I do not forget that Everton was bad in the first half against Chelsea and if they play something like that, I think Arsenal will be away because they are very good in the next step."

Arsenal Premier League schedule

Everton (a) – April 7th

Napoli (h) – April 11

Watford (a) – April 15

Napoli (a) – April 18th

Crystal Palace (h) – April 21st

Wolves (a) – April 24th

Leicester City (a) – April 29

Brighton (h) – May 4

Burnley (a) – May 12

Merson added Sky Sports: 'The Arsenal is also a bit tighter on the back and I think it's going to get a big win here.

They have tough games with Everton, Leicester and Wolves.

You are games that you would not be surprised if you lost, but you would not be surprised if you win very comfortably.

Ar To is Arsenal. If you are a fan you have to live with for the next six weeks, they have played good football against Newcastle on Monday and we know they can do it.

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This season, Arsenal was in excellent shape at home, and Emery says that the "challenge" for his side is the replication of these appearances on the road.

It is a big challenge for us. We want to achieve equally good performances as we play at Emirates Stadium, "he said.

But we have confidence now, but we know it is very difficult and I think it's a long way to the last games.

Match Each game is worth three points, like Sunday against Everton, which is most important. We know that other clubs will take a lot of points.

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