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Arsenal v Tottenham: Eriksen's comparison points out Ozil's shortcomings

Christian Eriksen and Mesut Ozil are creative lynchpins for Tottenham and Arsenal, but they go on Sunday in the northern London Derby after the Premier League cottages were very contrasting.

While Denmark international Eriksen played the lead in Spurs' brilliant win over Chelsea by 3-1, winning seven chances, two of which ended in assisting Del Alli and Harry Kane, Ozil was an inexperienced deputy because Arsenal beat Bournemouth 2-1 Vitality Stadium.

The former German star fought to dedicate himself to the new boss Unai Emery, while Eriksen was still in power from Mauricio Pochettino.

We use Opta data to analyze the productivity of each player while Ozil seems to have emigrated marginalized.


From the start of the Premier League season 2016.-17., Eriksen (150.23) has a higher ratio of minute per Ozil (176.85).

However, Germany was apparently prevented by a bad ending at Arsenal, which created more chances for 90 minutes (3.15) than Eriksen (2.89) – the differences that grow when looking at opportunities opened from the open game, with Ozil at 2 , 45 and his colleagues to 1.95.

But former star Ajax has made a bigger (0.42) odds of Ozil (0.37) and has done three less touches per game.


Emery's Alex Iwobi and Henrik Mkhitaryana threw Pierre-Emericka Aubameyanga on a 3-4-2-1 formation in Bournemouth, his decision to leave Ozil on the bench, encouraging suggestions for full-fledged partnerships.

Talking about why he left the 30-year-old at a news conference after the meeting, Emery suggested he did not respond to the "demanding" task of taking over Bournemouth.

"We thought we could do better in the game, a very demanding match with body and intensity," he said before emphasizing that every player in his team is important.

In the Premier League this season, Ozil covered an average of 10.3 kilometers in 90 minutes – which was significantly reduced to Eriksen (12.6).


It does not seem that Eriksen works physically, he obviously has a greater influence on defense.

Dane had averaged more hits (1.34 to 0.82), intercepts (0.76 to 0.43) and won doubles (3.29 to 3.22) during 90 minutes of Ozil's Premier League since August 2016. years.

In the end, however, Arsenal's victory in the same time frame is eight percent higher with Ozil than without him (58 to 50).

While the Gunners averaged an additional 0.1 goals in their absence, they admitted 0.3 less when they were present in the group.

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