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Black holes begin with cosmic robbery & # 39; to launch their deadly deadly rays

Black holes are notoriously greedy and prone to worshiping something unlucky to be in their vicinity.

But they also emit "the rays of death" made up of charged particles that release into the universe at the speed of light.

Now scientists believe that these jets are caused by a process that is compared to the "cosmic plunder" that is being triggered by rotation of the holes.

Alexander Philippov, a research fellow at the Flatiron Institute of Computational Astrophysics Center in New York, conducted "the most specific view of processes that drive black hole holes".

An artist's impression of a black hollow surrounded by a "disk drive" made of gas, dust and other substances (ad: Paramount Pictures)

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"No one has been able to push these simulations in a curved space-time so strongly," he said.

His work focuses on the rotation of the black holes, which then & # 39; distorts and wraps the surrounding tissue of space and time due to its gigantic mass.

The simulation suggests that the magnetic fields on the holes of the holes become "wound and spring outward, throwing particle jets in space" at the speed of light.

It is unlikely that a living organism could survive if it is pierced by the black holes.

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"These are the natural rays of death of the Death Star – the ultra-powerful jets of energy that emerge from the proximity of black holes like deadly super-weapons from the Star War," said University of Southampton in 2017.

These How these jets are still a jigsaw puzzle. One theory suggests that they develop within the "acrylic disk" – the substance is sucked into the orbit of the rising black hole. Extreme gravity within the disk rotates and elongates the magnetic fields, compressing the hot magnetized material called plasma until it emerges in the form of opposing magnetic poles along the axis of rotation of the black hole.

But Plasma travels along these centered jets and gains tremendous speed, capturing spacious spaces. At some point, plasma begins to shine, but scientists have discussed how and where this is going on in the jar.

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