Monday , May 17 2021

Brexit: Will Britain leave the EU on Friday?

Britain should leave the European Union on Friday if it does not approve the extension.

But how are events this week to decide what will happen?

Monday, April 8th

Talks could be resumed between Labor and Government on Monday afternoon while they are trying to find a way through a break in Brexit.

Meanwhile, colleagues are expected to pass Billvet's Yvette Cooper law, forcing the prime minister to apply for Brexit's extension instead of leaving the EU without a deal.

Tuesday, April 9th

Theresa May will travel to Berlin and Paris for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macronou for the last time.

It is expected to justify its request for a postponement until Brexit's date from 12 April to 30 June.

It seems that the trip seems unlikely that any compromise Brexit agreement with workers will be put before parliamentarians before the summit.

Wednesday, April 10th

The prime minister will send an urgent European Council meeting in Brussels on Wednesday afternoon.

It will ask the leaders of the remaining 27 EU countries to approve the extension of the article from June 50 to June 30, without which the UK will leave without a deal on Friday.

Thursday, April 11th

If Lord Cooper brought Bill, that would put new demands on the PM.

If the European Council proposes a different extension date, Mr May should return to the Joint Office in order to obtain the approval of the representative.

It is also the final date for the UK to take steps to allow the European Parliament elections to take place on May 23.

Friday, April 12th

It was then envisaged that Britain would leave the EU after MPs repeatedly rejected the prime minister's agreement.

Ms. May wrote to the President of the European Council Donald Tusku seeking further enlargement by June 30, but the EU 27 will have to agree when they meet on Wednesday.

If it does not agree with the prolongation, Britain will depart without agreement on Friday at 23 o'clock.

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