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British 'a *******' tourists in New Zealand 'fled after fleecing pensioner of £ 5k'

A group of tourists dubbed 'British a ******* s' in New Zealand allegedly disappeared after taking nearly £ 5,000 to fix an 82-year-old woman's roof.

The holidaymakers – thought to be from Liverpool – were issued a deportation notice earlier this month after being accused of a string of offenses.

After they made headlines across the world for their unruly behavior, pensioner Heidrun Leonard from Auckland came forward saying she recognized some of them as 'builders' who allegedly scammed her out of thousands.

She claims three men knocked on her door saying they had spotted a leak that needed fixing – charging her $ 8800 – around £ 4,800.

The men allegedly said they would fix tiles on her roof and install two dehumidifiers in her home, but needed the money upfront.

Heidrun Leonard, 82, says the men offered to fix a hole in her roof before taking off with her money and leaving a huge hole

A hole allegedly left by the British men

Heidrun wrote them a check that they allegedly cashed at the bank, before returning the next day to cut a whole in her ceiling.

The men then allegedly fled after a neighbor arrived and started asking questions.

On January 13, disturbing footage emerged on the social media of tourists dumping rubbish and empty alcohol bottles on Takapuna Beach.

A boy from the group – thought to be just eight years old – allegedly threatened to 'knock the brains out' of a local who challenged them.

The Mayor of Auckland labeled them "worse than pigs" and called them "a ** holes".

A video of the group was widely shared on Facebook captured by local Krista Curnow.

Joe Doran and his family were involved in a series of ugly incidents in New Zealand

The family were deported for their riotous behavior

Posting on Facebook, she said: "We approached the family to ask them if they can not leave without picking up their rubbish, their response was basically if we have a problem then we can pick it up and that's what the council is for . "

She claimed "four or five ladies" had stood around her, saying they were going to hit her.

But the group hit back in an interview with the Herald, and family member David Johnson said the rubbish left behind by the group was "not the end of the world."

The family hit the headlines when a video of their trash left behind at a beach circulated on Facebook

A child belonging to the family who is believed to be from Liverpool

It is also said that the family refused to pay a bill from the Backyard Bar and Restaurant after claiming there were ants in their food and threatened staff and left without paying at Artwok eatery in Takapuna.

On January 15, the petition was launched on to "get rid of" the group and teach them a lesson, reports.

They were deported from the country just a few days ago, arriving at Heathrow Airport in West London where they allegedly threatened photographers and reporters.

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