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Captain Marvel sets points on the scene: is this the scene from the end of Avengers? How many post-credit scenes are in the movie?

While many will be thrilled to see Brie Larson's Captain Marvel film about their own merits, some fans will go to the cinema to see if there is any advice for the awe-inspiring Avengers: Endgame – and thanks to one of Marvel's trademarks are not recognized .

Below you can see the details of the two post-credit scenes of Captain Marvel and how they relate to the wider Marvel universe.

But be careful – if you have not yet watched the movie, a few spoilers lurk underneath …


Pager as it appears in Avengers: Infinity War

Finally, sending the signal was the last act of Nicka Fury, so he had to help – did not he?

"I want to know who's in the other end of that stuff," she says. She gets her answer when Captain Marie Brie Larson appears behind her.

Finally summoned to the Earth almost a quarter of a century after her last visit, Carol deals with a different hairstyle – long persecution or a journey through time will probably make you – and there is only one question for people in front of her.

"Where is. Anger."

I hope she will gently communicate the news …

The notion of this last announcement is that this is actually a scene taken from the Avengers: Endgame, especially with regard to the actors involved: apart from the aforementioned, Don Cheadle's War Machine also appears on the scene.

Still, it is never known: Dr. Strange had a similar Thora scene: Ragnarok was quite different in the final film, so maybe a slightly altered cut ended in Endgame.

However, given that there are only six weeks between releases, probably is the ending game snippet.

Captain Marvel after approval for the scene two


The second and last Captain Marvel postcredit scene is a comedy film, which has become traditionally in recent years.

On the empty desk Nicka Fury (where the film is over), we see the aliens / cat goat moving on the table and starting to hack the hair.

Instead of the hair, however, Goose eventually unloads Tesseract, a powerful source of cube-like energy that unexpectedly returned to Captain Marvel, who previously drove into the Captain America: First Avengers, the first movie about the Avengers and Avengers: The War of Endlessness (where he was restored to his Infinite Stone and taken over by Thanos).

In captain Marvel, of course, Tesseract is good for a few years away from its importance for the Avengers (Bar Captain America, who met him in World War II), enabling the film to include him as the key MacGuffin who was just saved from the force of evil when he was the goose swallowed to the guard.

Basically, this scene connects the dots between Captain Marvel and the Avenger, explaining how SHIELD got hands on Tesseract and added little comedy to compensate for a slightly darker peering end of the game.

Now, the only thing we need to do is wait to see if Goose and survive the shooting …

Captain Marvel is now in cinemas in the UK

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