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Comparison of electric vehicles at "cost per mile" – know who is winning (infographics)

April 7, 2019 per Matt Pressman

Originally posted on EVANNEX.

With all the big traffic Big Auto that is being generated with public announcements and concept cars, you would think that their dealers could be overwhelmed by electric vehicles so far. Unfortunately, that is not the case. But slowly, all so slow, a new EV is introduced. How do they compare with Tesla's vehicles? That is always the first question on everyone.

How does EV from the legacy car makers agree with those from Tesla? (Image Credit: Tesla)

When it comes to performance and technology, Tesla is hard to beat. However, an intriguing point for displaying data is the price per kilometer mile, Do you accidentally know how the legacy EVs store against Tesla on this metric meter? If not, do not worry – Zebra covered you. Car insurance experts have analyzed many of today's top-rated electric cars to better understand which EV model has the best mileage mileage.

Or maybe you can remember this way: how much are you paying per mile of mile? To find the answer, Zebra has simply split the MSRP of each vehicle by its specified mileage range by 2019. Their infographic knocks down the price and range of premium electric vehicles in 2019.

BMW i3, Tesla Model S and Chevy Volt in Florida. (Image Credit: CleanTechnica)

Of course, there are many other key factors that need to be considered when looking at EV such as security, customer loyalty and total cost of ownership. And do not underestimate the power of subjective (sometimes superficial) criteria – the look and the question. Add Tesla's Supercharger Network to the equation and the whole comparison may become a bit unjust.

Finally, a few warnings to consider. The infographic does not include the recently announced Tesla, a basic $ 35,000 price, model 3, since this configuration is still not delivered to any other client (we are waiting).

And the word warning: from the initial disclosure of this infographic, Tesla's prices are (and remain) in the changes – a moving meta that is always changing. on the electricity market. Look below …

Price Comparison and EV Range

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