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Dangerous Dryers: "I'm sorry" says executive director of Whirlpool

Jeff Noel, Vice President of Whirlpool

Senior Executive Director of Whirlpool told customers that was affected by the saga of dangerous laundry dryers in the United Kingdom that were sold for 11 years.

Whirlpool now launches a complete withdrawal of all remaining fire suppressors, almost four years after warning people of safety issues.

Addressing the BBC, his vice president Jeff Noel defended the decision not to pull the tumblers when an error occurred.

Many cases were solved with a "faster and faster" security solution, he said.

Engineers have added machine repairs, but Mr Noel has agreed to extend "expanded" efforts, adding that "we apologize for putting our customers through difficulties".

What should the owners do now?

More than five million machines sold were sold in the UK, under the brands Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline, between April 2004 and September 2015.

Anyone who thinks they bought it should call 0800 151 0905 or visit the website that was set up on Monday to see if it affected the dryer. If it's on the revocation list, you should stop using it and shut it down immediately.

Then I can choose:

  • For the first time, a free replacement dryer at no additional cost for collecting or storing the old machine
  • Free, one-hour modification of the old machine
  • Discounted upgrade on the model of a larger specification than free replacement
  • Partial refund up to £ 150, with owners of older machines that receive less than those with the latest

There are no plans for any additional measures for those machines that have already been modified, even though some of them catch fire after they have been repaired.

"Our home is burned"

Graeme and Sue Garnham's Guildford home were devastated by fire as they waited for the engineer to change their defective drier.

"I stood there in my bare feet, at the bottom of the alley, looking at the rising lights," the windows exploded, "Mr. Garnham said. "I just could not speak."

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Graeme Garnham had to escape the fire in his home

His wife said, "Thirty years of memories have disappeared. We no longer have any photographs of our wedding."

Mrs. Garnham, a health care assistant and her husband, a cleaner, were resettled, but they had to rely on the generosity of family and friends to replace the damaged things.

"We continued to talk about getting insurance, but we did not have any money," Mrs. Garnham said.

No Whirlpool heard anything, but Mr Noel told the BBC: "My heart goes to them. It's not the way I want to treat me."

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What's the problem?

The blame for Whirlpool machines was blamed for at least 750 fires in the age of 11, the government said.

Whirlpool said that in the past few years a heated element in the clothes dryer has recorded 54 fires caused by the discharge of smoke from the collector.

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A pest made by a hair machine to an apartment in Shepherd's Bush in London

There were three fires in machines that were altered.

He claimed that two official audits, including one by the Office of Product Safety and Standards, considered the change to be effective.

  • Warning about whirlpool dangers dryers are sold online

Although more than five million sold, the company said most would cease to be used. The report says 1.7 million cases were resolved – the greater the success of most reminders – and it was estimated that 500,000 affected droppers could still be used. When sent by MPs, some estimates suggest that there are 800,000 people in the homes.

The withdrawal of the request, requested by the government in the foregoing, has taken place after almost four years of change program.

The official launch of the recall would support a penny-worth advertising campaign aimed at raising the awareness of the remaining owners, the company said.

Was this a legacy problem?

Security concerns emerged after Whirlpool acquired the 2014 Giant Giant White Indesit producer of manufactured goods. Noel said that the company carried out all the appropriate checks before buying Indesita and that "doing the right thing" by voluntarily warning the government's security problem that became clear after the acquisition.

– We bought the company [Indesit], We own a company. Customers are ours and our responsibility, he said.

He said the company had to accept the results of the research and learn lessons along the way.

Consumer groups have said that Whirlpool's ability to cope with this problem has been found to be lacking.

"Whirlpool failed to trace hundreds of thousands of firefighters that could be in homes for nearly four years after being discovered for the first time, so we now have serious doubts about the company's ability to cut these machines off now," Caroline Normand said from the consumer association.

The statement states that withdrawal is only a result of government threats and that ministers should keep the company and its campaign under control.

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