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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury weigh: watch live

Wexperience live updates on Telegraph Sport and live stream an introduction to the struggle the world is waiting for. Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will weigh in the next hour, and the hyper is at the boiling point.

Tonight's a final opportunity for both fighters to measure their opponents, and they have not been so far in the middle of each other's estimates – he told reporters on Wednesday.

Fury represents the highest profile and the most significant challenge Wilder – WBC Champion Champion – has ever been faced, and many neutral viewers with convincing wins will make Wilder the world's leading champions.

The 33-year-old who today said he was enjoying his thoughts on what his odds would come on Saturday night should go out with the winner.

"If people do not think I keep all balls in the box, after this fight, there will be no question who holds the balls," he said.

"The promotion is amazing and I thank God for Tyson Fury because I had to promote all my old opponents. They were too scared to say what they would do.

"This event is great for me, many suspected me before I fought with some caliber of a fighter (past opponent Luis) Ortiz has changed it, and Fury will do the same for me.

Wilder can not be a polished champion that great Wladimir Klitschko was when he unexpectedly surprised Fury three years ago this week but was widespread as a more powerful and explosive sting.

The 30-year-old fury recognizes the extraordinary power it possesses, but also insists that Wilder is so misleading that it should still pose a small threat.

"Strong hit, but he did not fight anyone until he had 30 fights," he said. "You can only knock out who's in front of you, but if they match easily, you get 100-0.

"If I can not defeat Deontaya Wilder then I'm not as good as simple as it is … If I can not win Wilder I'm not the man I think I'm as a loss because it's not enough.

"How are you going to be great if you can not beat a boom throwing a windmill?"

Stay with us for live live updates and live streaming weighing starting at 21:00.

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