Tuesday , March 2 2021

England women hit the US claim 57-5

An experienced female wife of England put the US on a sword on Friday at Allianz Park in London, pulling her ears at 57-5.

On a wet day, Roses had a stronger game and did not help when Megan Rom used his forearm in the fight and was a sin and put the USA up to 14 players in the first half. Scrumhalf Leanne Riley set number 8 to Sarah Beckett for ten minutes and Sarah McKenna took advantage of the player.

The criminal attempt – which the US dropped to 13 players, then Kate Daley-McLean, playing his 100th test, set an attempt and then won one of his.

England led 33-0 on vacation and moved from there. The United States had several responses, though Jennine Duncan achieved the first attempt of the era of Rob Cain.

"It was difficult because the conditions were absurd," said England coach Simon Middleton. "It's hard to play under these conditions, so sometimes you have to look at different aspects of the game, as I thought we were in the defense of being fantastic with great energy and aggressive."

The next for England will be a match against Canada. The US seems to face Ireland. Both games will be LIVE at FloRugby.

England 57
He was trying: Riley. McKenna, Penalty, Scott, Daley-Mclean, Smith 2, Hunter, Williams
conv: Daley-Mclean 5

Try it: Duncan

Formation: 15. Sarah McKenna, 14. Lydia Thompson, 13. Carys Williams, 12. Tatyana Heard, 11. Kelly Smith, 10. Katy Daley-Mclean, 9. Leanne Riley; 1. Ellena Perry, 2. Lark Davies, 3. Shaunagh Brown, 4. Zoe Aldcroft, 5. Abbie Scott (c), 6. Joanna Brown, 7. Vicky Fleetwood, 8. Sarah Beckett.

16. Heather Kerr, 17. Vickii Cornborough, 18. Hannah Botterman, 19. Catherine O'Donnell, 20. Sarah Hunter, 21. Claudia Macdonald, 22. Zoe Harriso, 23. Lucy Attwood.

Formation of USA: 1. Megan Rom, 2. Joanna Kitlinski, 3. Catie Benson, 4. Stacey Bridges, 5. Alycia Washington, 6. Rachel Johnson, 7. Kate Zackary (c), 8. Jordan Gray-Matyas; 9. Anna Karen Pedraza, 10. Gabby Cantorna, 11. Sarah Levy, 12. McKenzie Hawkins, 13. Emily Henrich, 14. Kelsi Stockert, 15. Kaitlyn Broughton.

16. Joyce Taufa, 17. Azniv Nalbandian, 18. Nick James, 19. Melissa Finkelstein, 20. Kristine Sommer, 21. Nikki Kenyon, 22. Megan Foster, 23. Jennine Duncan.

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