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EVE Online cancels production on the Nova project

Production on Project Nova it stopped, according to EVE Online development CCP games.

Originally developed in collaboration with Sumo Digital, the spiritual successor of the PlayStation 3 free game Dust 514 was removed to "take the step back and return to the drawing board".

This comes only a month after CCP Games has shared some news Project Nova, which included a trailer, recording and alpha recording for just a call to be held in November. Because of the cancellation, it is safe to assume that the alpha is gone.

"During the course Project Nova the development we carried out a number of player explorers with outside partners, tirelessly promised the game internally and brought communities into stalwarts to help us evaluate the project, "explains blog post.

As a result of the above comment, the CCP says that "the gaming experience in its current form does not meet our original vision and will not achieve our ambitious goals for this project," which stops development.

Instead, the CCP plans to "step back and return to the drawing board, where we will spend more time realizing that all this hard work can be translated into something better and more significant for EVE Universe."

The entire CCP game statement can be read here.

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